Wednesday, January 4

Recycling Old Christmas Cards

This is Almost all of my received cards this year

Now that the holiday festivities are dying down, I just wanted to offer a few ideas on what to do with the Holiday cards you do not want to keep.  Last year I had a list of disposal ideas (link here)  This year I would like to add a another list of ideas.
Check out the Squido link for everything from boxes to gift tags. 
I have all the cards from my Mom, work, and myself gathered, now comes the question, donate to St. Jude's Ranch or tear them apart and use them myself?

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  1. Wow the St. Jude thing is amazing. I got a number of old cards that my in-laws (who have passed away) collected from charities they donated to. I'll likely never use them so maybe I'll send them to these folks.
    Happy New Year to you. Have fun with the cards.