Tuesday, January 17

A Little Piece of PA

Hello all,
I decided to stray from the mail and the incoming series for a bit - mostly because a long work day has resulted in a lack of photography ambition- and post on a unique Allentown institution. 
The Allentown Farmers Market is not what I expected.  I stepped through the doors almost a year ago and thought I would see produce galore.  I was not prepared for the 2 aisles of food stuff that was stationed in stalls throughout a very long narrow building!  Bakers, butchers, bulk food, wines, and olive barrels.

I would call it more of an immigrants market with a variety of traditional Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish foods but also Mediterranean (Greek and Turkey mostly), Vietnamese, Italian, Polish and other were represented.

It really is a great place to visit if you come to Allentown on Thursday through Saturday.  You can swing by and grab a lunch or do some serious foodie grocery shopping.  It's places like this that make a place wonderful and unique all at once.  If only they had postcards, I would send them out by the mailbox full!
My Best,

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  1. That's a thing I often think when I visit places: "if only they had postcards"!