Friday, January 20

A Few Nice Letter Writing Sentiments

I purchased another item of stationery - I now shocking!
But on the inside of the paper pack was this paragraph:

"The handwritten word on a beautiful sheet of paper is the purest art form- a soulful reminder of a moment in time, of a thought that needed expressing.  No matter how stylish or simplistic the script, a letter captures the very essence of the writer and tells the receiver that there is no one more important.
Letters like works of art, are cherished.  Kept in special places like secret shoe boxes or hidden drawers, a handwritten note will be visited time and again without ever losing its meaning or impact.  To the receiver, this simple gesture is a reminder that someone cared enough to put pen to paper and that some things are best done the old-fashioned way."    By Wooster and Prince Papers

I thought the sentiment was rather pretty and wanted to share.  But as I can never be serious for too long I thought I would share quote from a recent letter I recently received.  The letter had another interesting sentiment in regards to our blogging, letter writing community.  Troy,(Penpalling Dad),wrote that we had both been mentioned in a new kid in the PO Box Block (Lucas Writes) blog post and that "it's kind of like an Arkansas family reunion - everybody is connected to everybody"
So true, so true - one big, happy, mailing ,dysfunctional(?), extended family!
And I cherish all your letters and postcards and heartfelt words!
Off to mail something to somebody you probably know!


  1. Lucas seems to be writing to everybody. I love his enthusiasm.