Tuesday, August 28

Card Making Party

While I was working away at my job, my fellow crafters were have a big get together for a great cause.  The Stamp Tramps helped put together an Operation Write Home card making party this last Saturday.  To see more, go to their site.  They made over 750 cards this last Saturday!  Amazing ladies, and congrats!

Operation Write Home is a non profit group that encourages crafters to make cards for the troops to write home with and they always accept any hero letters to send to troops to help keep their spirits up while serving.

On occasion I try to put my thinking hat on and make a few myself. Enjoy the washi tape, Chinese character cards I made this last weekend since I missed the big shindig.

 A progression with washi to add the joy to the design!
Using the washi to create pattern
 I ran out of peaceful paper but I got to use tile, so that's cool!
 No washi, just simplicity.  I don't think you can appreciate how shiny the underlying black is.
an oops!  But I still liked it.  Nothing a little washi tape couldn't improve!

My best to all and congrats to the Stamp Tramps!

Monday, August 27

Some More Incoming

Here is a short stack of beautiful letters received and replied to.  Remember, if its here, you have a reply!
Some candy cards of Dylan's Candy Bar from Kendall at Happy Little Mailboxes
A tag card from Send Something

Misty the Pen Theif is on the road this summer.  I have it on good authority that she will return to blogging eventually ! )  After awhile, blogging can fell like a chore, so taking a break and focusing on other aspects of life helps to ease the chore feeling and allows some time to recharge creatively.

A beauty from the Post Muse.  Talks of a PA letter social are going around.

A nice postcard from Send Something.

A cute book from my friend CKB who will soon move on to an interesting phase in her life.  Much luck and happy travels!
Remember to get a letter, you have to write a letter and I am off to do just that!

Sunday, August 26

Back to You

I thought I would change up the title, but this is the incoming mail post.  I have been very diligent about writing multiple letters to reduce the backlog and I think I am catching up.  I have a feeling that I have replied to so many this last week, that I will have to break this into 2 posts.
 Postcrossing above and below.  One is directly from Germany and actually an old photo and the other is a German living in Great Britain.

Alphonse helping with MC's letter from SendSomething

 A nice note from my old pal Wolfey!  She no longer blogs, but keeps in touch.
 Rift Vegan sharing a view from Oregon.  A sendsomething exchange.
A Huh?  Some random mailing from postcrossing.  Hard to explain, but from a company not a person, best I can tell.

 TMC at Return to Rural sent me one of the postcards she won in my give-away.  Sorry I did not reply TMC, but I couldn't find your address in my computer or your site : (  Remember folks to include a return address if you want a return note.
 Another SendSomething exchange from RobotMad
 Lovely flowers from my friend Scott.  I write him and a group of others routinely and on occasion they reply!  Persistence pays!
 Above and below are from LR.  We write weekly right now to discuss Project Runway.  We both love it and the characters they get on the show.

A very nice note and a wooden postcard from my postcrossing turned pen pal friend Potato.  Good luck on your next phase in life!

A nice bundle from Miss Hannah over at Mailbox Happiness

Well that's a good start.  I will have more up soon!
My Best,

Wednesday, August 22

Just a reminder

If you are in the Eastern PA area in mid September, think about swinging by the Lehigh Valley Postcard show.  Not sure what to tell you to expect as I have yet to go to one.

On a side note, my Mom bought me a big box of vintage postcards, most pristine per her on the longest garage sale.  Last year she got me a typewriter.  Apparently this box went on sale for $10.  I have yet to see the contents, but expect some sharing when I do!

Happy Sending,

Tuesday, August 21

Family Treasures

My Mother surprised me with a box of goodies on her last trip.  She sorted through a lot of old stuff at home and found some old postcard correspondence between herself and my Grandfather.  My Grandfather was not one to let grass grow under his feet and decided to join the Merchant Marines in the late 1940's so that he could travel around the world.  He was also a stamp collector, although not much of a writer.

A small group of memories that has been entrusted to me.   I have decided to start them in a scrapbook called The Intangible Tangibles.  Maybe one day I will be able to give it on to one of my nephews.
I am pretty sure he would approve of my pen palling and be right there with me discovering the new stamps of the world if he were still alive.  But maybe in a way he still is with me, in his postcards and pictures.

Monday, August 20

Ed Hardy

Just and FYI to all you bargain buyers and paper hunters out there.  Micheal's craft stores has Ed Hardy stationery in their dollar bin and it seems of decent quality.

 Most above are embossed and shiny.  I like the graphic designs.
What do you think of designers that cross over from clothing to paper?  I know I am a big fan of Ms. Cynthia Rowley's paper creations.  By far, hers are my all time favorite. 

Hope this finds you with beautiful paper!

Sunday, August 19

Been Busy

Well I promised a post the next day and its turned into 3.  Below are 2 photos of why that happened.
Somebody attacked a varmint and got a scratched eye.

The summer fruit is on!  Time to harvest and store it.
And now for the incoming!
A nice package from WD about her travels to the land of Anne of Green Gables.

A short note from the Missive Maven

A nice letter from MN- a very old friend!

From Mary Has Sound.  Another state postcard to add to my collection.
From Juli's travels, a beautiful postcard of the Pacific NW

DF is helping me out with collecting all the states with this bute

 The next 3 are all part of LRM and my discussions of the tenth season of Project Runway.  I have to rewatch the episode today to make my comments.

LRM - Project Runway

A modified box from the Picadilly Post.  She spoils me with mail!

A lovely postcard from Sendsomething. 

A postcrossing.  I love the Russian foods postcard

A nice letter from Malyss of her beautiful French Riviera with a corresponding envelope.  

Well folks I hope this finds you all writing and receiving plenty of beautiful mail!

Wednesday, August 15


Since I missed a post this weekend due to technical malfunction, I will make an effort to get the incoming up over the next few days.  Here's a short view of some of the older incoming.
From a good friend, baby pictures!
A nice bundle of goodies from the Piccadilly Post!
Tales of Africa from the Wolf - ster
A bright and cheery note from NB in the Netherlands
 A nice note from a friend going through some tough times.
 LR and our ongoing Project Runway - Make it work, note an episode
 A great collaged envelope and letter from Tara (Hello Life)
A note from JK and good luck on here new life path!

If you have been noticing a lack of Postcrossing cards, it's simply been shear lack of participation.  I am 250ish in to sending and have 10 not registered.  From what I gather, half are due to the people no longer being of interest and 5 are Russia and China.  I have sent the cards multiple times and just given up.  I feel like I have a bad rep with so many not hitting their destinations.  But nevertheless, some have caught up with me by forwarding, so you'll be seeing a few.

Hope this finds you well!