Sunday, January 8

More Received Mail!

Dear Friends,
I have been in the process of catching up all weekend!  I have had a hard time focusing today on the writing and have been playing with paper more than I care to admit.  But here are some more of the incoming I have responded to, in no particular order. . . .

A letter from Giselle

a letter and art stamp from Elle Mental at the Art of a Letter

Awesome Postcards from 2 of my sendsomething friends
Postcrossings - one is a food label from Germany.  I do adore seeing what others eat and the advertising on the food labels.

From Rachel at the Letter Writer and CK - a good pen friend!

Sushi mail from Sarala

Squirrels and nuts- wait a minute . . . what is the Picadilly Post implying here about said recipient?  LOL  I guess I have to be a little squirrelly to continue writing all the letters I write and keeping up with this blog!

Not pictured is 2 letters from Troy.  I liked his mail art efforts very much, but when I reviewed my photo, a little too much address was visible and today I am just too lazy to pull them out of the box and retake the photo!  Sorry Troy!  But no worries, mail is on the way. 
 I hope this find you all winning the reply battle!

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  1. All us mailers are a little nuts, don't ya think? I know I get a little crazed around pretty paper. I didn't get a chance to thank you for the surprise parcel of security envelopes! You began my mail week on a high note! Now I'm working on that dragon mail...very mysterious.