Tuesday, July 31

Just a Short Thought

I recently got a compliment on my plastic baggie envelope.  I was using the bags that came with my Pier One furniture and originally held tools as see through envelopes.  I like this because it gives me a chance to make a 2 sided decoration.  I am not sure this picture showcases it the best, but if you find yourself with an plastic bag about the size of an envelope, use it! 

Keep experimenting!

Sunday, July 29

In The Box 2

Whew!  I have been writing up a storm today and finally I feel like I have enough for a second post.  But do not worry, I am going to get all caught up this week if I can!  Of course I may be parse on posting, but its a trade off.  There are only so many hours in the day!
This is from the ever lovely Hannah!  I really like this stationery and the bits she sent with!
An Annabelle original!
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From the one and only Juli!
A Bianca Jagoe Postcard by way of the Piccadilly Post!  We are all one big happy family.
Thanks MP for adding to the postcard collection!  Slowly I am getting one from each state.  I want the state name on the front of it and MP has sent me a few from down her way!

A nice note from the Post Muse.  She is more associated with postcards, but she also writes lovely letters!
Above and below are from LR (Envelope Chronicles)  We will probably be exchanging notes more frequently since our favorite show "Project Runway" is in its tenth season!  Make it Work!

Above and below are from some new Send Something. net friends.  Clara and Mendy both found me there.

A nice note from MH. Also a send something friend. We just celebrated our 1 yr writing in May! 

And finally but by no means least, is a wonderful thank you note from a coworker.  Does she know what she started?  LOL

I hope this finds you all writing lots or if not, at least enjoy your summer to the fullest!

Saturday, July 28

In the Box

I post a general apology to all my letter writing compadres out there, this lady has been enjoying her summer and slow to respond.  This weekend has brought me a good burst of replying energies!  I hope the trend continues!
These next 3 images are from Malyss!  So sorry for the slow turn around!
Cicadas - they hopefully won't sing for another month here!
Stickers for me!  And Stationery - how do you people know what I like???

A nice house warming card from my aunt.  I get the writing gene from my Dad's side!

Above and below is a nice letter from LV. I loved the back mailbox motif

Zombie Mail from the creative crafter Neezer at the Stamp Tramps

A new pen friend note.  Those Canadians are such good letter writers!

Troy's home!  Time to write him!

A postcard from DD and  his big mailing!

Rachel's also back!  I hope her summer goes well!

A nice postcard from Shana who was featured in last weekend's blog for her continued support!

A wonderful package from Aida! I always love the cultural exchange!

A wonderful art piece from Guiliana in Brazil.  She is one of the Mail Art 365 mail artist.  Love her work!

Well I have more, but I'll see how much more I get replied to this weekend to hopefully add to it.
My Best,

Wednesday, July 25

A Muppet Spam Kind of Day!

What do Muppets and Spam have to do with each other?  Well, I was just at Target and found the most amazing stuff in the dollar bins!  Normally Target is a big miss when it comes to finding something good in the dollar bins area, but every now and again, I find the coolest things!
The store has been working on bringing back old advertisements and the branding has been used in new ways.  Most of you know that I love inventive advertising and food items have some of the more memorable pieces.
First off, Spam!  At a dollar each, I got several.

I remember my parents trying to feed me this stuff well it was a cheaper option.  Now its actually fairly expensive and I will only eat their turkey version IF I had little other choice.  But in general I am not a big meat or dairy girl.
They also had a few journals and pens displaying the Icee brand logo.  I do not remember these as well and never really enjoyed Slurpees or Icees like most people my age partly because I grew up so rural.

I also grew up with the Muppets!  I loved watching them and whoever was their guest singer for the day.  Gonzo messing up, Kermit making it work, and Miss Piggy being diva-licious!

Just so happen I know a lot of other Muppet lovers and thought I would stock up so as to better share.
Then some aweome sticky notes and miscellaneous!

For a buck a piece, this is a thrifty way for the new writer to bulk up the stationery collection.  I have a feeling these will not be great for the fountain penners.  Cheap paper usually does not take ink great.

Enjoy and relish your inner child every day!

Tuesday, July 24

Going Postal - Home Decor

I recently went to TJ Maxx to see what they had in the wonderful world of discount stationery.  Unfortunately there was very little I wanted that day, but I found something else.

I couldn't resist these beautiful pillows.  I know some of you have seen and posted similar items that you have wanted or purchased, but these are all mine baby! 
I'll have to keep my eyes open for a few more to fill out my sectional.

Monday, July 23


Well the feed the mailbox Recycling Competition was  . . .well a bust.
Thank you for the 2 that sent something!  I will be sending you both rewards. 
From Return to Rural and the Piccadilly Post
While this was not the most successful competition I have posted, I am not deterred!  I will be back for more. . . .

Sunday, July 22

A Friend Filled Art Trip

Hello Folks,
I have made it no secret that I like to frequent art museums.   My friend here and I have a hard time getting our schedules to sync, but this weekend not only did she and I make it to Philadelphia, (Philly), but I got to catch up with a long time supporter of this blog.  My good friend Shana who I have known for years and makes every attempt to write me back happened to be in Philly as well!  Super bonus!
We all know a friend from our every day life that writes back is worth their weight in gold!
She met us for lunch at the museum's restaurant and then we walked to see the tiny but nice Rodin Museum. 
love all the art deco details in the building
It was a short but sweet visit!
And the best thing about art museums are the gift shops.  I kept myself restrained in my purchases, but I still got some goodies.
The postcard packs were extremely responsible - 2 packs for $10

Except the Ben Franklin saying one - it costs more, but I have plans for these!

Then some budget stationery that showcased some more contemporary artwork.

A few rather expensive but beautiful Frida Kahlo 3-D cards.  I love how vivid they looked.  I am not sure you will get the same effect from the photo.

And finally an intriguing book.  The pages are plastic and the pictures are beautiful.  I was not familiar with this artist but am reminded in his work of an illuminations quality to them. 

Well that's all for now.  I hope you too are making the most of your weekends!

Saturday, July 21

Thrifty Finds

Dear friends,
I have a confession.  I have become picky in my stationery tastes.  I am not as free with my money when it comes to stationery even at discount prices.  But every now and again  . . . . I find stuff. 
This was my latest haul from Goodwill.
A brand new box of Stamp It! Background stamps

An interesting set of old gift wrap papers.  I am totally using the folder as an envelope after the paper is all gone.

Toy story stickers to go with the stamps.  I know some young writers who should be happy seeing these!

A huge stack of vellum paper (see through)
A nice boxed set of Mulberry paper complete with a natural wood pencil. 

A very weird and interesting set of color by number stationery by Mohawk papers.  The envelopes were made of linen and the paper was a nice heavy grade.  I figured for less than a dollar, I would take it home.  I know from experience it will take ink well, but such an odd theme and this is how it came. 

I hear of great things being found daily at thrift stores, so make sure to stop in and take a look!
Happy Writing!