Thursday, June 27

Recent Incoming

Hello!  I have to say it wasn't much of a birthday week.  I did take some time to paint and play on my birthday, although I wish I had more time to do that routinely!  But I guess it would not be as special then, or would it?

 Postcrossing from Finland, sorry about the lighting, I just couldn't get these to turn out quite the way I wanted.
 Postcrossing from Taiwan
 A tasty Postcrossing!
 Postcrossing from the Ukraine
 Postcrossing from Hong Kong
 Postcrossing from Belarus
 Postcrossing from Hong Kong
 These are birthday cards!  These 2 are from work.

 A letter from Kati - we love cats
 A letter from Nancy - it's an Ozzie dog!
 A nice sentiment from JS
 A letter from LR with some springy stationery
 A new sendsomething friend that I swap with.
 I long letter from Giselle
 Sexy Cowgirl stationery from TMC
 A postcrossing from Latvia
 A postcrossing from the USA via China
 A postcrossing from Belarus showing a state building
 A nice collage from the Piccadilly Post.  She has been channeling her energies into collage recently.
 A nice letter from MH.
 Ciara at Scoutaroo writes a long letter and I think her stationery is still up for sale at her Etsy shop.
 A bundle from Miss Hannah
 Two more birthday cards from a friend and family!
That's all for now.  I hope to be back soon with something more!  Hopefully life calms a bit.

My Best!

Wednesday, June 26

MSM My HomeMade Washi

This is the follow up to the previous post.  I am sorry it took me so long to get up.  My life has been rather hectic and I have forgotten to bring my camera home from work where I am using it for a project I am working on.

I wanted to make some red, white and blue tape for the up coming holiday.  What I will use it for is still up in the air!  I forgot how much I like playing and painting! 
I stuck the masking tape to a plastic container I had and when I pull it off it will have clean edges.

What do you think about making some yourselves?


Monday, June 24

Make Something Monday- Make Your Own Washi Tape

Hello, hello!
This is not going to be my usual post, mostly because it's my birthday, and I have been stuck at work much much longer than anticipated.  So I have posted a video of the project that I did and when I can I will add the pictures of the washi like tape that I made and answer any questions you might have about the experience. 

I would make washi tape again if I had a creative project that screamed for something unique.  I would not hesitate to use acrylics, ink or sharpie but I do not expect the watercolors would work well. 

Off for a late supper to celebrate me!

Thursday, June 20

Recycled Bookmark

I love recycling.  Nothing gets me as happy as taking trash and making it into treasures.  This project isn't mail, but it is meant to be mailed away to a pen friend.
I figure that I actually have tons of ideas for mail posts, that I could include this bonus instead of using it for a MSM project. 

For this you need part of a thin box.  I used a cardboard tag from a rug I bought. (see the Promenade next to the gesso?)

I ended up covering it in gesso because I thought I was going to paint it.  The gesso probably still helped the adhesive stick better as one side of this was slick.
I chose the inside of a security envelope to cover it.
Here's it cover and the ends trimmed.
The tough but fun part was sorting through the old postage stamps.  I had purchased a bag of foreign stamps from the gift shop at the National Postal Museum, but you could use stamps from mail received.  There are several YouTube videos on how to get them off mail.
WARNING: Look away if you are a stamp collector.
I used decoupage glue to adhere the stamps to the bookmark base.  But before that!  I punched my hole for the ribbon.
The finished project.  I used some International airmail stickers off the mail I received on the back.

Simple, quick and makes a great gift!  Plus you can customize to the person you want.

Happy creating!

Sunday, June 16

Make Something Monday: Using the Extra Envelopes

Hello all!
I hope this season is treating you well and I thank you to all those patiently checking in on this blog.  I haven't regretted going down to twice weekly posting.  Now blogging feels like less of a chore and I feel like my creativity has been allowed to expand.  With that said, here's an old idea and a new idea for repurposing those ugly extra envelopes.

First the new idea.  Pockets from old envelopes.
 First, eat some candy with a foil wrapper.  This isn't required but fun!
 Take the foil wrapper and wrap and glue it around one of your ugly envelopes.  SEAL the envelope shut first!  That's right, don't worry it'll work out.   A word about glue - use a glue stick or glue/tape roller only.  These are thin materials and with tear and warp with a wet glue.
Cut the end off of the envelope on one end only and the excess paper.  Do not worry if the material does not wrap all the way around because you are sticking this to something and that will be your back.
 Use a circle or oval punch to create the opening to the pocket.
 This is what the pockets should look like when done.  I used left over tissue paper for the green pockets.  Now how to use them.  You could put them in a slam, smash, or scrapbooks or you could make a letter.
 Take an 8.5 x 11inch piece of cardstock and fold in half.
 I put the two pockets alternating each other and decorated the interior with stickers and paper.  One pocket to hold the letter and one to hold the goodies you send.
I did something similar here but I used a red stamp to crackle these pockets by rubbing the envelope over the ink pad.  I saw this technique used with wax paper and an ink pad for a crackle finish.
To send, use washi tape to close the other 3 sides.  You will need extra postage just based on the size, and watch the weight!  But envision your recipient opening this and seeing all your hard work.

Second old idea, but good for using envelopes is the envelope book.
 Slide 2 envelopes together and glue the flaps together.
Then decorate the interior.  To send do the same with the washi to this as you did to the above letter.  Both are really fun ways to use scrap.
Have fun!

Hope this finds you all well and happy!

Wednesday, June 12

So Much to See Part 3

Ahh I did have enough for a third post!  Here's the rest of the inbox for awhile.

 A postcrossing from the USA.  Yummy
 A weird Postcrossing from Russia.  She got the card in the Ukraine, still  . . .
 A German Postcrossing of traditional boats.
 A nice view of a Taiwan city.
 A nice stash of this and that from NB.  I am sure she is very busy in her allotment.
 A surprise Postcrossing full of bits of paper from Poland.  It took 2 months to arrive.
 A cabin by a lake, been there and done that in the last month, and like to be reminded of it as often I can be.  Postcrossing from Germany
 A Postcrossing from Spain of ??? not Spain, but still pretty.
 A postcrossing from ME!  I only need a few states now.  And 2 of the missing states I should get from my friend moving to OK.
 A very sweet postcard from Great Britain.  Clotted cream and raspberry jam on scones with English tea.  She advises only eat one scone as two are too much!
 A postcrossing from Russia of traditional folk art.  I used to paint in that style, I have moved on to something else, but still this reminds me fondly of toleware.
A nice card and newsprint envelope from the Wolfster, may her travels be terrific on her walk about!

That should catch me up for awhile.  Thank you to all who contributed to my mail box!  May yours be as full and happy,