Sunday, May 13

Life is not Just Stationery

Hello all,
It has been awhile since my last post!  I have had so many things to tell you but I have been slow getting Internet hooked up in the new house.  Plus now I have unpacking, chores, and yard work to add to the schedule, that I have been off in my own little world of new home ownership. 

But before I go onto new business, I want to post about old first!  The old business being the letter writing social from 2 weekends ago.  Melissa from Craftgasm has a brilliant write up with a multitude of pictures at her blog here

Lets just say it was a geek out overload!  I really enjoyed meeting these folks and a pen friend and making new pen friends.  If you ever get an opportunity to go to a letter writing social, TAKE IT!  I do not believe there was a single person that walked away unhappy, except a certain young gentlemen who was a major stamp enthusiast and wanted to take all of them home with him! 

New business:  Why I have been so busy  (pics at the request of CKB)
No joke- almost 3/4 of an acre with raspberry arbor and fruit trees!

Some more of the fruit trees minus one dead one I already chainsawed down
One small section of my deck- the only part set up for entertaining and it will be a lovely place to write a letter!

There's lots of work in that green space!  Today I am going to rototill a patch and get a little garden going!  But as soon as the internet is up, I hope to return to my old blogging ways.  I have so much to share with you all mail-wise!

I hope this finds you stamping and mailing to your hearts content!