Saturday, May 17

Life and Envelope Rehash

Hello all the folks out there in cyber land who stop by for their dose of postal pleasure!  I have to say I know I will be posting less this summer as I am working extra hours on the house and job, but I will try to stop in as I can.
Today I am going to refer to previous posts as I did quite a series 2 years back on envelopes and how to make them or use pre-bought in a new way.  I had a recent discussion with a fellow mailer and paper person where they were discussing some of these different envelopes they say on Pinterest and they were surprised I had placed several envelope related post on the blog, so thus the post.  These are several old post that go through a lot of techniques for creating interesting envelops.  Take a look at these old links and let me know if you want any new tips or tricks!
(collage and selvage)
(folding paper)
(boxes, pamphlets and other recyclables)
(security envelopes)
(envelope books)
(basics of how to fold from a template)

My Best!