Monday, September 30

Make Something Monday: Using Scrapbook Supplies

Hello all,

I am sure many of us on here have scrapbook supplies and no intention of actually scrapbooking.  I know I am guilty of this.  I tend to find excellent deals for supplies at my local Ollie's and TJ Maxx/Marshalls stores.  But what to do with the pieces of this and that included in some of the packs?

Here are some collaged envelopes that I made using the bits from a scrapbooking kit and strips from a tear off pad.  I like the look of the raw paper against the white and also the perfect pieces from the scrapbooking die cuts. It gives it a shabby chic look but with more color than that style is typically known for.

I am sure you could do the same along edges of big sheets of paper to create matching stationery.  Just throwing out ideas!

Hope this finds you all happy and creating lots!

Sunday, September 29

Thrift Store Finds

Let's take a break from the postcards for a post and get into some fun finds from this weekends activities. 

As we all know I have a need and desire to stop in and look at the thrift stores although I have done less of this in the more recent days than I used to.  And even when you stop in, it doesn't necessarily mean you will find anything.  Well the other day I stopped in for Via days at our local branch and found some cute/ useful things.

First I found these old scrap book fillers.  We would now call these slam book sheets, but for 15 cents a pack I went with it.  I also got a worn out pocket dictionary for 25 cents.
 But the awesome item was this set of US Mail Looney Tune cards.  You may not be able to appreciate that the cards are made of a shimmery foil paper.
 Then right next to it was this pack of self adhesive memo pad, although I checked and the adhesive no longer works, so just a fun stack of writing paper now!
I am sure somebody gifted this set to a younger person.  It's a shame they never found the time or desire to use them!  But then again, if they had, I would not have anything fun to share with all of you!

I hope your thrift store purchases will be many and full of wondrous things!

Saturday, September 28

Postcards, the Summer's Received Continue

Hello!  Some more for your viewing pleasure and by now you are probably realizing why I focused on postcards instead of all my mail.
A sender's photo from New York (sendsomething)
Postcrossing from a little boy in Belgium
From my friend Malyss in the south of France
A postcrossing from USA to help my postcard project
A nice view from Malyss in the South of France
From a new Sendsomething friend
A postcrossing from Poland
An awesome postcrossing from the Ukraine depicting Kupala Night
A postcrossing from Germany
A Postcrossing from Malaysia
A postcrossing from Spain
An awesome surreal postcrossing from Belarus that depicts a painting by Rob Gonsalves from Canada
A postcrossing from the USA
A postcard from Croatia via a postcrossing from the Czech Republic
A postcrossing from the USA.  I have seen many of these black and white cards when I was last in the west and I think they are interesting views into a culture that was slowly ending.
And on we go!  The next installment will be soon!

Thursday, September 26

Postcards, see Some Postcards Here!

More, I know you all want more and I am happy to get them out of the waiting box, catalogued and put away!   I hope to reclaim my office before we get too far into fall. 

Postcrossing from China
A student art show postcard from a Turkey postcrossing
Postcrossing from Belarus
Postcrossing from the Netherlands - Something sweet!
Postcrossing from Great Britain depicting a painting called the moon
Postcrossing from Germany.
Ciara helping to fill in the gaps in my states postcard collection.
This is the second one she sent!
A postcrossing from Korea - the sender took this photo!  Love it.
From my bud in OK!  She's helping to fill the gaps as well.
Postcrossing from the Netherlands
postcrossing from Brazil
Postcrossing from the USA, a fellow PA mailer sent it
A fun flamenco postcrossing from Spain

Postcrossing from Taiwan

Until the next installment, and don't be jealous of all these. They are the accumulation over months!


Wednesday, September 25

Postcards Galore

Hello all,
I am continuing my effort to photograph and update the postcards I received over the summer.  Many are from Postcrossing, but I did not discriminate.  If it was a postcard, I took a snapshot and you'll see it!

Postcrossing from Russia: Eiffel Tower in tandem
 A postcard from the French Riviera
Russian Postcrossing: View of Germany after WWII
Postcrossing from Germany
Postcrossing from Greece- my first from there!
Postcrossing from the USA - to help along the collection.  By the way I only need a Missouri state card if anybody out there would like to contribute!
 Postcrossing from China
 A postcard from Karen!  Hope all is well in Calgary.
Nice postcrossing from Bulgaria!
 Outsider Art from Patricia at Sendsomething
 Another fun postcard from my friend in the South of France
Postcrossing from Belarus.
Postcrossing from Malaysia
 Ballerinas in mid dance from Ukraine.
 Well I have a few more piles to post so stay tuned.
Wishing you lots of mail!

Tuesday, September 24

Mail Back Log - Postcards

Hello all!
I really wanted to get all the mail I have been receiving over the summer up on the blog, but I looked at the mess and decided to instead focus on the postcards for postcrossing and let the letters go to the storage box.  Sorry if you really wanted me to post your letter, but my sanity wins out on this one.  At least, I will try very hard to post all the mail I receive AFTER October 1st, but until then, I hope you enjoy the parade of postcards as I try to catch up.
Postcrossing from Germany
Postcrossing from the USA
My first Moomin from Finland.  I did not request them on my profile, but I appreciated the sender thinking I would like one!  I actually never heard of the Moomins till postcrossing - sheltered I know!
Wind sculptured the rock in this postcrossing from Taiwan
Postcrossing from China
Postcrossing from the USA
Nice ad card from the Netherlands
Postcrossing from Taiwan, so much natural beauty.
From the Osteology Museum in Oklahoma.  My friend thought I would like it and she was right!
Postcrossing from Finland
Awesome postcard from Switzerland
A Greek postcard by way of Belarus
A surprise package from the Ukraine including some money.  Again I never ask for cash on my postcrossing page, but it's nice to see.
Until I can get more up, enjoy!