Wednesday, January 18

A Few Projects

Iam trying to take more pictures of the mail I send out.  Usually I am not very successful, but I continue to try.  I want to grow in my creating abilities and comfort with making bits to mail.  So here were a few projects.

Leftovers are used to adorn the front of this envelope.  I like the dramatic effect of layering, but I only go really crazy on postcards!

Having a little fun with animals and prints.  I am a fan of mixing them with quips.

A scene from Ireland in a zebra frame.  I used a recycled cardboard piece to back it.
Just 3 today.  I hope this finds you all doing well and I will continue to try to take pictures of my outgoing. 
My Best,

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  1. love the cute polar bear! and the patterns going on behind it! awesome!