Sunday, January 29

Why Do I Post Pictures of My Incoming Mail?

The title is the question and this is the answer.  I typically like to showcase the letters I receive for many reasons, but the first and foremost is that before I started to blog, I loved to see my letters on other folk's pages.  The sight of my mail and the words of joy expressed about my mailings from the recipient was enough to make my day!
I don't know if others feel this same pride/ thrill, but I am equal opportunity and like to put your work out there! 
And if you see it here, you know a response has or will be recieved soon!
A note from Tara- always full of surprises!

A letter in 3 postcards from CKB

A postcrossing and above is a self taken image
from a new blogger Emily

A lot of talent from Misty the Pen Thief

A postcrossing and sendsomething

From Troy- love the lively ink
A letter from a new friend

A letter from an old friend - see persistance pays!

A letter from Lucas
And Finally a few of my outgoing postcards.  These should have already been recieved so this will not spoil the surprise.

Well I hope this finds you all well and getting a steady stream of mail. 
My Best,

Wednesday, January 25

Cheer Up There!

Now that the holidays are coming to a close, I have the opportunity to put up a mail call for the troops.  I have posted that I have a friend over in Afghanistan.  We go back a bit (almost 10yrs) !  Woo time flies!  Anyway, he is stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan and through a Facebook chat, we discussed that some of the other folks in his unit could use a cheer up.   I thought about putting out a private mail call, but my friend is on the road often, so he would not be able to distribute anything.  Then I thought, "Why try to reinvent the wheel?"
I occasionally make cards for Operation Write Home and these wonderful folks have been distributing the cards and letters for years.  That's right, they also accept "any Hero" mail.  Therefore, if you have time and are willing, please check out below.

I hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and happy!
My Best,

Tuesday, January 24

Peek- A- Boo

I see you!  Well more like you see my letter. 
Awhile back I posted on a project that had been inspired by a book (see here if you don't remember 2 weeks ago - I often don't!)  Anyway, here is another project from the book.

Wax paper envelopes.  While being an interesting concept, I have done these before and do not like the results of straight wax paper.  Perhaps it is because I like some surprise to my letters.  I want to make people look at them and then eagerly tear to the sweet nougatty inner goodness - oh wait!  Mail not candy- so I tried something similar but different.

A peek-a-boo envelope
It was simple really, just trace out an envelope with your favorite stencil.  Cut it out and then trace some designs on it. 

In this case I used flowers and made my first cut with an Exacto blade.  I quickly switched to scissors.  I  then covered the inner cut outs with wax paper and cut a third contrasting flower for a label to be adhered to the outside.

I was not amused with the effort it took to make this and probably will not rush to make another.  It's a shame really because it was so much cooler in my mind.  I still show this project because I think there is a valid idea here and that different paper and cutout shapes may make a truly awesome design!
Here's to giving it a go!

Monday, January 23

A Change in the Winds

Plans change.  They can change rather quickly if foul weather is involved.  And sometimes plans change for the better. 
What am I referring to?  This last weekend, a friend and I were set to trek to Philadelphia but Mother Nature decided to throw some lovely snow in our direction.  I love snow and had been missing it, but I did not miss the mess that it made the roads. 
I told my friend to come on over anyway but instead we headed down town and scoured the public library book sale!  Neither of us needed anything in particular, but I did find a few I could not live without.
Above are for mail art (aka doomed to destruction)
Above and Below are for reading.

I have a thing for nonfiction travel stories and classics.  When I will get the time to read these particular books is any body's guess!
And these are for using and giving away.

 I fully intend on using the Envelope book when I can and the other may be yours if I find its content to be as fun as the title.  We shall see my friends!

And the grand total costs for all of this . . . $16 + change!
Happy reading and mailing my friends!

p.s. Do you ever think that we should all be advocates for literacy?  Our blogs are filled with books and letters.

Sunday, January 22

A Thank You!

I recently received the most precious thank you gift from the winner of my Recycling Contest.  Emilie made me this stamp. 

I have never had a hand made stamp.  When she asked if I would want one, I knew I wanted something to reflect my pen name, the snailmailer.    It's the first thing I have gotten to reflect the pseudonym, but definitely not the last!

So as a thank you to Emilie, I am send you all her way.  She created some cute and sarcastic postcards for Valentine's Day.  I hope you'll take a look at them.  And since I am always sneaking over to her blog, I added her to the blogroll for easier access. 
Take a look!

Saturday, January 21

Letters in the Box

Hello all,
This is another installment of what you folks send me.  I adore all the cards and postcards!  Keep them coming.

A wonderful pack of misc. from Aida who let me know that she stopped writing her blog.  You heard it here folks, Aida Goes Artsy is no more.  But the paper bits he sent will continue to give many of you pleasure!
a scroll letter! my first
Paul is a creative mailer from Sendsomething.  You can see more of his work on Rin's blog - Papered Thoughts.  He did a pop-up letter for her.

Above and below are all postcrossings

More postcrossings and a vintage postcard from a friend.
Above and below are 2 unexpected cards from 2 of my friends that do not usually write.  The above brought exciting news of a friend moving closer and the below was an amazingly perfect sentiment! 
one of the prepaid Hallmark cards

Above, a letter from Marion.  I definitely do not mind typed letters and for some people that works much better.
A nice note from Rachel who is in college and writes when she can.  Hope she got my letter okay!
Oh Kimi!  A really nice letter and some vintage uncancelled stamps that I will now hoard as I am terrible about that, so beware pen friends.  If you send me uncancelled stamps, I will probably tuck them away to use (maybe) in the far future!

Thanks and I cross my fingers that your mailboxes are remaining full!
My Best,

Friday, January 20

A Few Nice Letter Writing Sentiments

I purchased another item of stationery - I now shocking!
But on the inside of the paper pack was this paragraph:

"The handwritten word on a beautiful sheet of paper is the purest art form- a soulful reminder of a moment in time, of a thought that needed expressing.  No matter how stylish or simplistic the script, a letter captures the very essence of the writer and tells the receiver that there is no one more important.
Letters like works of art, are cherished.  Kept in special places like secret shoe boxes or hidden drawers, a handwritten note will be visited time and again without ever losing its meaning or impact.  To the receiver, this simple gesture is a reminder that someone cared enough to put pen to paper and that some things are best done the old-fashioned way."    By Wooster and Prince Papers

I thought the sentiment was rather pretty and wanted to share.  But as I can never be serious for too long I thought I would share quote from a recent letter I recently received.  The letter had another interesting sentiment in regards to our blogging, letter writing community.  Troy,(Penpalling Dad),wrote that we had both been mentioned in a new kid in the PO Box Block (Lucas Writes) blog post and that "it's kind of like an Arkansas family reunion - everybody is connected to everybody"
So true, so true - one big, happy, mailing ,dysfunctional(?), extended family!
And I cherish all your letters and postcards and heartfelt words!
Off to mail something to somebody you probably know!

Wednesday, January 18

A Few Projects

Iam trying to take more pictures of the mail I send out.  Usually I am not very successful, but I continue to try.  I want to grow in my creating abilities and comfort with making bits to mail.  So here were a few projects.

Leftovers are used to adorn the front of this envelope.  I like the dramatic effect of layering, but I only go really crazy on postcards!

Having a little fun with animals and prints.  I am a fan of mixing them with quips.

A scene from Ireland in a zebra frame.  I used a recycled cardboard piece to back it.
Just 3 today.  I hope this finds you all doing well and I will continue to try to take pictures of my outgoing. 
My Best,

Tuesday, January 17

A Little Piece of PA

Hello all,
I decided to stray from the mail and the incoming series for a bit - mostly because a long work day has resulted in a lack of photography ambition- and post on a unique Allentown institution. 
The Allentown Farmers Market is not what I expected.  I stepped through the doors almost a year ago and thought I would see produce galore.  I was not prepared for the 2 aisles of food stuff that was stationed in stalls throughout a very long narrow building!  Bakers, butchers, bulk food, wines, and olive barrels.

I would call it more of an immigrants market with a variety of traditional Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish foods but also Mediterranean (Greek and Turkey mostly), Vietnamese, Italian, Polish and other were represented.

It really is a great place to visit if you come to Allentown on Thursday through Saturday.  You can swing by and grab a lunch or do some serious foodie grocery shopping.  It's places like this that make a place wonderful and unique all at once.  If only they had postcards, I would send them out by the mailbox full!
My Best,

Monday, January 16

The Catch Up Continues!

Here is my part 2 of the catch up series!

CKB - I always look forward to our letter exchanges!

I love Malyss's ribbon tree! So cute!

A public apology to Tara - I lost her letter and found it a month later!  Well a reply late is usually better than none at all!
A nice letter from Adventures of a Mail Junkie
A hand made card for postcrossing - I fear the impression is not visible
An envelope booklet from Just Letter Rip
The Pen Thief always finds interesting materials to repurpose
Taylor sent me mail and a hand made envelope!
A really nice package from LV - she used a Kleenex tissue small pack as the letter holder.
A Christmas card and a postcard from the Pan Thief
A Taiwan postcard and my favorite Bunny Suicides postcard!
A wonderful art postcard (postcrossing) from the USA
2 postcrossings - 1 from France and 1 is a Dove Bar from Russia!

I hope that in the next day or 2 I can put up the final pics.  Blogger is limiting how many it will allow today.
My Best,

Sunday, January 15

So Many Letters

Over the holidays, I got so many letters that I could not possibly keep up.  I have made a huge effort to catch up since New Years and I am proud to report that most of the letters I have yet to respond to were all received this year! 
This is the first of 2 posts on all the mail I have responded to, and remember, if you see it mail has been sent your way.

An amazing package from Rin at Papered Thoughts

KC's first attempts at cardmaking!  It looks good.

KH sent me a lovely note!

Kate and Sara from the 365 letters blog

Sendsomething - a sweet package of Misc!

Katherine made this postcard - she makes some lovely mail art!

This was the most unexpected piece I got.  An amazing package from a Dutch postcrosser.  She sent a small zine that she made especially for me so I could take a glimpse at her life.  I was astounded and very happy to be the recipient of this thoughtful package!
From another postcrosser- Potato and I have recently started a private exchange.

The Impeccable M

From WD - I hope her trip went well!

How exciting!  I hope I can get the rest posted tomorrow, so stay tuned!  And now I will finish watching the Golden Globes. I have several movies to add to my Netflix queue!
Happy mailboxes,