Friday, January 13

$1 finds

I often get the comment from people that making mailart and being creative is expensive.  I grew up poor and can remember that some of my favorite toy were ones that I made, and it still holds true that I love to make and design all kinds of lovely craft projects.  I also like to shop as much as the next person (notice I didn't gender specify), but I am always looking for a deal.  I refuse to pay full price for stationery unless its for a cause or from Etsy. So here are some more things I found last year for a $1 or less.

all stamps $1 each

Why oh why I felt the need to buy these, I'll never know!  As I have too much stationery already.

the Beatles!  Yellow Submarine edition.  I left Bob Marley and Nascar where they sat.  Somehow I seem to find the randomness stationery.

Free!  Paint chips.  Gotta love free.
Remember, you don't have to spend a ton to make things cool- maybe I'll have to do a mailart post on freebies sometime, hmmmm  . . . something to consider ; )
Hope this finds you all creating and mailing,


  1. I really envy you for the stamps! here, they are really very expensive! and not so funny..

  2. With just a little imagination, I'm surprised at the things I'm finding for free or very little cost. And I cannot stress enough... security envelopes from junk mail are your friend. So many different patterns and colors just begging to be used, and they come straight to your door!

  3. Fabulous! I love finding arty crafty bargains too :-) x