Tuesday, January 24

Peek- A- Boo

I see you!  Well more like you see my letter. 
Awhile back I posted on a project that had been inspired by a book (see here if you don't remember 2 weeks ago - I often don't!)  Anyway, here is another project from the book.

Wax paper envelopes.  While being an interesting concept, I have done these before and do not like the results of straight wax paper.  Perhaps it is because I like some surprise to my letters.  I want to make people look at them and then eagerly tear to the sweet nougatty inner goodness - oh wait!  Mail not candy- so I tried something similar but different.

A peek-a-boo envelope
It was simple really, just trace out an envelope with your favorite stencil.  Cut it out and then trace some designs on it. 

In this case I used flowers and made my first cut with an Exacto blade.  I quickly switched to scissors.  I  then covered the inner cut outs with wax paper and cut a third contrasting flower for a label to be adhered to the outside.

I was not amused with the effort it took to make this and probably will not rush to make another.  It's a shame really because it was so much cooler in my mind.  I still show this project because I think there is a valid idea here and that different paper and cutout shapes may make a truly awesome design!
Here's to giving it a go!


  1. So neat! I will definitely try this!


  2. I've done something kind of similar by turning a bill envelope with one of those windows inside out (sometimes they have a fun security pattern). It's just a rectangle shape, but I pasted some paper inside the envelope to cover up bits of the window. It sounds like much less work than what you did. You might want to try that method.

  3. I have done the reverse security envelopes, but I had this vision in my brain of cool shapes and partial see through surfaces that did not come to truition.

  4. If you have a decorative paper punch, you could use that on a mass-produced envelope and get the see-through effect on both sides of the envelope. If the shapes are small enough or simple enough, you might not even need vellum or wax paper on the inside, which would make it significantly less trouble to finish.