Thursday, October 30

Happy Halloween! What's Been Keeping Me Busy!

Hello all!
I was hoping to get into a more regular blogging schedule, but my old frenemy bronchitis decided to zap my energies.  So it is, you sometimes have to get sick to remind us to be thankful when we are well!

I have been spending a bunch of time making things for work.  I did quite a few projects off pinterest and here are just a few of the ways I've been spending my time.
 Medicine bottles made from a variety of cast off materials and free printable labels from the internet.  Seriously just google the words Halloween Potion Labels and you'll find tons!  I ended up making about 10!
 I tried my hand at making some fun postcards to send.  I think they turned out petty well.
 Various cards and postcards with Halloween theme.  Sorry about the pic, it looked better on the camera.
Finally a bat wreath. It goes great in the new craft space, which I will unveil very soon!  It just needs some touch up paint. 

I also made some mummy jars, a voodoo doll, a potions mixing vase, bat garland, and shadow boxes for the wall.

I hope you got crafty!  After all it is TRICK or treat!
My Best,

Sunday, October 12

Weekend Projects

There are so many project I see on-line that I would like to do, that it is sometimes paralyzing.  When I get to those points, I try to step back and think of how far I have come in the years since I started the blog and tried me hand at collaging and mailart.
I have evolved from middle school level artistic skill, to somebody who feels they could start an Etsy shop and actually sell something, but won't due to time constraints.  But I feel as though I could!   And having some confidence in my own artistic interpretation of life is over half the battle. 

paper, washi, rub-ons, stamps, inks used.
 My style is still repurposing a variety of materials often tossed.  Or mixing inks and papers to create things.  I still cannot draw very well, and my painting is basic, but I try nonetheless every weekend and most nights to make something somebody else will love.
A wrapper from a Chocolate bar.

 A little glitzy for my normal style, thus the glare. 
2 envelopes made from an ad in a fashion magazine.  I wish I hadn't stamped the quote on the upper one, but I will probably cover it with a label instead.  Surprisingly the lower one I liked better.

Keep trying to create!  It will get easier as your brain lets go!

Friday, October 3

Where Was I?

Hello all!
I hope many of you are still out there and patiently awaiting my return.  I hold no grand designs that whether I blog again or not will make or break your day, nonetheless it is nice to be missed. 
So the question on your mind might be where did I go?
The honest answer is I needed a break.  I had other areas of my life that required my energies and letters and even creating had become a chore.  All the pen pals and postcrossings were neglected most of the summer.  I just needed space to breathe.  And think. 
~Insert deep breath here.~
When I made the determination that I wanted to continue to blog, and I truly did as I know it touches lives.  I occasionally get emails or notes from folks saying they saw something here and it resonated something within them.  Those comments are some of the biggest compliments I could ask for. 
In my mind floated the questions of what would I say?  Which direction did I want to take?  Mail was a topic I have warm affections for but was it my singular passion?
The answer was no.  Mail and I have a comfortable affection for each other, but I needed to jump into other hobbies and hope it will reignite the burning passion I once had for stamps and missives that carried words around the world. 
Therefore, future posts will revolve around things that make me want to create!  Things that inspire my soul whether they be tangible or not.  To start I overhauled some of the old blog links that were defunct and added some newer offerings. 
Expect art, crafts, a variety of mediums used, videos, and maybe quotes or poetry that somehow affect me.  To start, definitely check out this link on flat greeting cards that fold out into paper jewelry and let your brain imagine!
Photo borrowed from  Link to lower right.