Tuesday, January 10

National Mail Week

Are you doing your part to send out letters and postcards? Just a reminder that tomorrow is hump day, which means half the mail week will be over then.  Tonight I am sending out a handful of postcards since I have more than a few postcard stamps left and the price changes soon.
On another note, I was going to write a more interesting post than this tonight featuring some stationery finds from my various discount sources, but Blogger is being extremely uncooperative and not uploading photos.  Hopefully tomorrow I can present some new objects for desire!
Keep writing and mail will come!


  1. I noticed the photo thing on my blog. I just thought it was me. I received your letter today!

  2. Three letters going out tomorrow, including one to you! It's been a very busy evening for myself! I honestly didn't think it would be this difficult to find people to write to this week.

  3. I have send out 16 cards and 2 letters so far this week :)