Friday, May 24

Off on an Adventure!

Hello all! 
There will be no posts over the weekend or okaying comments.  Where I am going has hit or miss cell reception at best and no internet.  Looking forward to kicking back with some old friends and seeing the beauty of the mountains in NY.
I promise to take some pics to share!  Until than, enjoy another Jennibellie video.

Love and want to try this one soon.  In the US, enjoy the holiday weekend!


Wednesday, May 22

Craft Bucket List - What's on Yours?

Am I the only crazy person that has a list called "My Craft Bucket List"?  I just started it and I am excited to add things.  Slowly I am finding my footing and my creative voice, and hopefully through these projects I will better understand the dreamy world of my subconscious or at least make a few snazzy bling blings that make me and hopefully you smile.

The Bucket list is short right now but here are 5 from it

1 Make an art journal from scratch including binding it by hand
2 Make a mixed media artwork big enough to cover a small wall
3 Quill something cool
4 Properly stitch and quilt a blanket - by hand?  Do I dare get that crazy?
5 Enter a Mail art exhibit

Have you given it any thought? What's on yours?


Tuesday, May 21

Some Serious Art Techniques

Hello folks,

Last week I didn't have much to say to the world.  I was in a mood to absorb and that is exactly what I did.  I absorbed a ton of YouTube creative videos and I found a fabulous Art Journalist out of the UK. 
Jennibellie is a lovable soul with a penchant for paper creativity and recycling. She has made quite a few videos for YouTube including the one on background techniques that I have shared below.  If you are serious about mixed media and different techniques that can be applied to mailart, I find her tutorials are an excellent source even if they are geared towards art journals and smash books.
But here, you watch and be the judge for yourself.  After I watched her, I made those postcards I displayed on make something Monday.  My brain is still soaking up all the ideas and I have no doubt this will not be the last time I mention her name on my blog or draw inspirations from the trail she has already blazed.

(be forewarned the video is just under 25 minutes, so watch when you have time)

I hope you enjoy!

P.s. I do not know Jennibellie and am not endorsing any of her products, I am just swooning over her interesting take on art and recycling!

Monday, May 20

The Mail IN the BOX

It's that time again!  The time to view my incoming mail.  These last few months have not been overly conducive to writing, but somehow I am working my way through.  At least with all the recent travel I have good stories and interesting postcards to share!

 A great postcard from the Piccadilly Post!
 My long time friend Shana sent me this PC from a recent trip.
 A fun Finnish postcrossing
 Craftgasm spotted in HI.  A free art card - I always like student art work postcards.
 A letter from LR.  Our Project Runway season is over for awhile.
 Above and below are from the fabulous Ciara over at Scoutaroo (look left to blogs).  She stayed here for a night on her cross country travels and saw my crazy tin collection.  I do not encourage folks to send the, to me but she did good!

 Above is a not from the great Jen!  A friend I have known for awhile.
 From one of my biggest fans and good friends, Breezie Kay!  Apparently if you neglect writing your friends, they send letters out in search of you.
Above and below are notes from my very long time friend Alison and her son Alex.  She said nobody bought all her Grandmothers vintage stationery.  I like the colors on both!

 A note from the PostMuse.  Spring has sprung in PA.
 AB sent me a great package of this and that for re-use.  Check her out at her blog.
 Tara hit the road!  I hope we hear from her soon!  Happy and safe travels my friend.
 A surprise package from Georgette.  I love, love, love the vintage shoe!  Also all the other goodies are being coveted.
 A joyful postcard from Emilie at Winnie's Girl (see left)
And finally a great postcrossing from Germany complete with a castle stamp on the back as an extra for me.

Thanks for the views!

Sunday, May 19

Make Something Monday - Free Form Postcards

Hello all! 
I hope everybody is having a great Spring.  I know mine has been busy and will be for awhile longer.  Unfortunately that means less posts for you, but more fun for me!

Anyway this week is not going to be a tutorial.  Sorry, I needed to make a bunch of postcards so here is the fruits of my labor.  I busted out the paints and Modge Podge to get a feel for mixed media.
 Above is junk mail and monster stickers
 Above and below are patched leftover paper and Hello in 2 forms.

 Above and below are painted and glued paper strips with an ad I torn apart to make two different cards.
Pull out the crafty bits and make something yourself!

Wednesday, May 15

Toilet Paper Inspirations

When I don't know what to post about, I look to YouTube and see what other crazy people are doing.  My searches vary but always come up with something interesting and fun.  Here's 3 videos on toilet paper / paper crafting.

Um, I almost want to buy the book, but it feels a little weird.

Amazing, must see!  A terrific way to recycle.  Maybe not practical for mailing, but good inspiration for creating.

And finally some more practical how-to ideas!  I tried and tried to embed a YouTube video called 10 things to make out of toilet paper but alas, I could not.  I did find rampant videos on how to make mini albums out of toilet paper rolls and embedded the one that took the least amount of extras to buy. 

Take a look and think again before tossing something into the recycling.

Monday, May 13

Make Something Monday - the Tricky Fold

Sorry this is a bit late in the day, but I was away this weekend and exhausted.  Today I worked and had to mow as my place was starting to resemble a meadow and I was worried I would find a neighbor grazing cows on my yard!

Anyway, this idea is brought to you by the book I used last week.

It has a few more intriguing ideas left and I find this one to be a very different format compared to the standard card.  You will need a sheet or 2 of 8X11 cardstock (scrapbook paper is fine - medium weight recommended), glue, cutting board and an exacto knife or razor blade.

Start with an 8X11 inch sheet split lengthwise.  In this case I used 2 different types of paper.  The one to the right is folded in half.
 Fold them both in half and center them over each other and then glue in place.  Do the gluing so they are perpendicular to each other and the flaps overlap.
Fold the flaps over each other and place over the edge of your cutting board.  Cut through both together to form a slit on both ends. Slit should be about 1.5 to 2 inches in length.
 Take a piece of cardstock 5X2 inches and slide it through both slits. This closes the card so that it cannot be opened unless it is removed.
 Do not forget instructions on how to enter otherwise somebody may take scissors to all your hard work!
Think of all the surfaces you have to weave your letter through!  I hope you enjoy making them as much as your reader enjoys taking them apart to read.

Happy writing!

Friday, May 10

Mailbag - Role Call

Some more pics of mail while I am on the road.  Enjoy!

Postcrossing from Belarus
A vintage Postcrossing from Canada
A multi view from Germany
A card to color?  A USA Postcrossing
A postcrossing from Germany
Original art from Taiwan  - postcrossing
A postcrossing from Poland
Love the traditional Polish artwork!  A postcrossing
Mickey is a lucky dog living in the Netherlands - a postcrossing
A postcrossing from Great Britain with a Dr. Who stamp that I forgot to showcase, but awesome nonetheless.
A taste of Austria from Poland postcrossing.
2 letters from Ciara.  Above is a fold up with a central envelope that contained a note!  Nice!  Below is an original Ciara drawing.  I loved it and requested a letter be written on it.  Unfortunately the camera washed these 2 out a bit, but I hope you can still enjot them.

Above is an awesome postcrossing from China where she sent a bundle of magazine articles for me to get a glimpse of the English speaking perspective on the Chinese culture!
Happy Mailing,

Wednesday, May 8

On the Inbox

I am going to be traveling this weekend and I thought I would try to get some of the inbox images up for your viewing pleasure.
 A postcard from Tara at Hello Life.  Her life is taking her back West again!  Safe travels friend.
 A day at the nude beach - postcrossing from Sweden
 A check in postcard from Miss Millie
 Postcrossing from Germany
 A postcard from Ciara showcasing some interesting artwork!
 Postcrossing from the Czech Republic
 Postcrossing from the Spain/ France border
 Postcrssoing from Russia.  Actually a repeat but still nice.
 Beautiful cat car and stickers from KC.
Postcrossing from Germany - No translation
 Letter from Kati in Finland
 Letter from Hannah
 TMC and some awesome old stationery
Postcrossing from Finland.  Glad summers here!

That's all for now!