Monday, January 28

Make Something Monday - You Can Do It!

As the title says, I want you to feel empowered that you too can make something fabulous and send it.  I started this weekly post to get my creative juices flowing and as a challenge to myself.  I am not overly artistic, but I try, and so far, not so bad.  But I am creatively lazy and spend long periods of time between trying.  This weekly post makes me get out the tons of craft supplies I already have and use them.  Well, at least once a week!

This week I decided to keep it simple.  I wanted something easy that anybody could do.  As the year gets rolling, I (we if you are along for the challenge) will try harder things.  So we are decorating stationery today.

Somebody gave me this set of plain stationery since they did not want it anymore.  But you could just as easily take a 9x11 sheet and cut it in half to make 9x5.5 sheets which are a more typical stationery size.
 I gathered a few stamps and a few inks.  They can be any old stamp and ink.  I chose stamps I got on clearance along with the cheap ink pads just to show this is cheap and easy.
 Then I stamped the sheets- so far, easy.
 I decided to embellish mine a bit more.
 And a wee bit of green to make a little pop of color.

Now if that was too simple for you,
a) Why don't you do it more often?
b) Now we'll jazz it up a bit more.
Again, ink and stamp.  With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought this appropriate.  I then took some regular old washi style tape from Target and underlined the words.
 I decided to tear, but you can cut the edges.

If you do not have washi or a Target near you, then take a ruler or envelope and just draw a line.  I drew 2 and scribbled in between.  I think it still looks good enough to send.
 Then I grabbed a cheap sheet of heart stickers from Sticko and started embellishing.

I dare you to use the entire sheet of stickers!  Holy heart-a-palooza!  I am sure that your efforts will turn out as good as mine and get plenty of positive feedback.

Happy making!  You can do it!

Sunday, January 27

More Mail

I am still catching up with the mail photo back log and hopefully, cross those writing fingers, this is the last of the Christmas stuff.  Next it'll be hearts galore because we will be going Valentine crazy.  I have no idea why I am into V-Day so much this year, but I am rolling with it.
 A postagram - never seen one before this.  That my friends (sisters) sent me of their children on vacation.  The picture tears out if you want to frame it.
 Above and below are from Ciara.  With another of her fabulous mini-zines.  She decided to write on vellum for this letter.  It definitely had a different effect.

 From dear WD.  I was so tardy in my reply. Insert sad face.  Good to know if its up on the blog, then I replied to you.  Sometimes so long ago that I already got a reply back!
 Miss Mendy sends me a great letter.
 A postcrossing from Russia that led to a reply.  This is of a Chagall painting.
 A hot damn good postcrossing card from Texas.  This too led to a reply.
 A tardy card!  Malyss sent this to me in October from her travels to Poland.  It finally arrived last week!  
 Above and below are from the Post Muse.  I like the stamped paper, gives me an idea. . . .

 A colorful card also from Malyss but mailed from Franc without an ounce of tardiness.
 CA sends me good tidings for the New Year.
A great card from Aida in Malaysia.  She points out that Malaysia is front and center on the Christmas card. Love it!  She sent me some Disney princess stickers.  Now before anybody gets too excited, these have already been promised to a young lady, just back from Disney world.
A really nice Russian Postcrossing that pointed out the orthodox celebrated Christmas a week after the New Year began.  Nothing like snow angels to brighten ones day!
Some awesome home made fun Christmas cards from the Taradactyl herself.  She will be guest posting next month!

That's it for this post.  Tomorrow is Make Something Monday and I will be trying my best to meet up to Ciara's high standards the previous post!

My Best,

Wednesday, January 23

Incoming Continued!

More, you want more and you shall get it!
 A nice note from KC.  I love the cookie stamp.  You could send me those year round!
 A wonderful young writer from Belgium set up an account on under Santa's Helper.  She wanted to send people something they wanted that would make them happy.  I asked her to make me something.  On the inside is a letter and a poem, good job!
 Apparently this is a copy of a painting.  I am not sure I want to meet her cat.  - from Postcrossing.
A great Finnish Postcrossing.  Love the socks!
 A Postcrossing from Germany, I believe.  Took these a week ago.  Quick more DHA my memory is failing!
 Child's art.  A Postcrossing from the Netherlands.
 An awesome postcrossing from Portugal!  I love this card!
A great postcrossing of light houses.  Which brings me to an interesting fact: Did you know the state with the most lighthouses in the USA is Michigan?  Seriously people, if you've never seen the Great Lakes, you should!
 A nice letter from GL - Sending you much love in return!
 An earlier letter from CKB.  We've been on a kick of writing quick replies.  Do you ever get into these with certains pen pals?  I've had a few, but then life checks us back to a slower reply.
A postcrossing from Germany showing a beautiful palace.
 A happy new year card from Russia.
 This has to be one of my favorite postcards.  The festival is to celebrate horse carriages.  Then the Chicken restaurant card taped to the back.  It's sad in a way that fast food is so prevalent. But I was happy to see it.  Also my first postcard from the Phillipines.

 A great Christmas card from Anne.  It folds out to reveal 3 cut out snowflakes.
A postcrossing from Taiwan.  The sender was unclear as to its significance.  I know this "commemorates a local hero", but no other info.

I will try to get some more up in the next 2 days.  Until then, may your mailbox be full!
Happy Handwriting Day!

Tuesday, January 22

End of the Year Mail- New Beginnings

I know I am getting late here, but before we hit February, I really wanted to get the last of Christmas letters up for you all to see.  Somehow we are already past mid month - when the heck did that happen????
 Postcrossings - check out that awesome spider stamp.  I personally only like spiders as stamp.

 A letter from MC - I was terribly tardy in my reply.
A letter and a mini zine from CKB!  Always nice to hear from a friend.
 A very nice packet of papery goodness from Return to Rural.
 Happy New Years to you too LR, an to the return of Tim and Heidi.
 A nice letter from Troy.  Seriously, I wish my handwriting were a third as neat.
A wonderful note from NF.  She is a very talented card maker!
 A nice made card from JK. Viewmasters - know that is rocking it old school!
 CB a nice textile note.
 JD and warm wishes for the holidays.
The sisters Margaret and Donna, always remember to send me something on their travels.

And tomorrow - more!