Monday, January 23

A Change in the Winds

Plans change.  They can change rather quickly if foul weather is involved.  And sometimes plans change for the better. 
What am I referring to?  This last weekend, a friend and I were set to trek to Philadelphia but Mother Nature decided to throw some lovely snow in our direction.  I love snow and had been missing it, but I did not miss the mess that it made the roads. 
I told my friend to come on over anyway but instead we headed down town and scoured the public library book sale!  Neither of us needed anything in particular, but I did find a few I could not live without.
Above are for mail art (aka doomed to destruction)
Above and Below are for reading.

I have a thing for nonfiction travel stories and classics.  When I will get the time to read these particular books is any body's guess!
And these are for using and giving away.

 I fully intend on using the Envelope book when I can and the other may be yours if I find its content to be as fun as the title.  We shall see my friends!

And the grand total costs for all of this . . . $16 + change!
Happy reading and mailing my friends!

p.s. Do you ever think that we should all be advocates for literacy?  Our blogs are filled with books and letters.


  1. An excellent haul & a great way to spend a snowy weekend!

  2. Even if my blog is not full of books and mails, I read and write a lot! I read the book about the cat Dewey(i won it by a giveaway) and liked it very much. I also read the Colette's and the Joyce's books. I think you can thank the snow! :o)

  3. Daisy - you'll have to come up for the AUW booksale! It's crazy
    Malyss- your blog is filled with beautiful pictures which are worth a thousand words!

  4. "To Sad To Sing" looks like a neat, quirky book. Good update! I love bargains!

  5. "Do you ever think that we should all be advocates for literacy?"

    I think that we ARE literacy advocates. :) Especially since there's evidence that the physical process of writing helps kids make good brain connections and become stronger readers. I'd imagine something similar is going on in adult brains, too!