Saturday, January 21

Letters in the Box

Hello all,
This is another installment of what you folks send me.  I adore all the cards and postcards!  Keep them coming.

A wonderful pack of misc. from Aida who let me know that she stopped writing her blog.  You heard it here folks, Aida Goes Artsy is no more.  But the paper bits he sent will continue to give many of you pleasure!
a scroll letter! my first
Paul is a creative mailer from Sendsomething.  You can see more of his work on Rin's blog - Papered Thoughts.  He did a pop-up letter for her.

Above and below are all postcrossings

More postcrossings and a vintage postcard from a friend.
Above and below are 2 unexpected cards from 2 of my friends that do not usually write.  The above brought exciting news of a friend moving closer and the below was an amazingly perfect sentiment! 
one of the prepaid Hallmark cards

Above, a letter from Marion.  I definitely do not mind typed letters and for some people that works much better.
A nice note from Rachel who is in college and writes when she can.  Hope she got my letter okay!
Oh Kimi!  A really nice letter and some vintage uncancelled stamps that I will now hoard as I am terrible about that, so beware pen friends.  If you send me uncancelled stamps, I will probably tuck them away to use (maybe) in the far future!

Thanks and I cross my fingers that your mailboxes are remaining full!
My Best,

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  1. I've seen that pop up letter from Paul, he's quite a creative writer and he's been popping up on lots of blog I follow recently, hat's off to him! Lovely mail by the way, wish my postbox was as full :)