Friday, December 30

More Incoming Surprises!

Hello folks,
I have gotten way behind in my letter writing and will be off for my final adventure of this year in a few hours.  Another friend to visit, another way to celebrate the New Year!  But I wanted to get up the pics of some mail I have recieved and responded to before I went.  The stack of to be responded too is larger than I would like at this time, but I'll get there in the new year : )

A Egyptogram from Nancy
From Kimi - I like the trees throughout

From Matthew - plain doesn't matter as long as its a letter!

C. K. B - a cherished pen friend

My good bud Carrie sent me a Christmas pack filled with Vintage Fold-Overs! 
Carrie's present last year was my much loved craft organizer bag.  She and I have been friends for a long time and are probably going to Washington D.C. together this Spring!

An old letter I found from Misty, fell behind the stand were responded to mail lands!

Postcrossing and a thank you from my everyday life

A nice Christmas stash from D.F.

A terrific handmade postcrossing! 
It's funny that you start something like this blog, only to find that others have a similar interests.  Suus made this and was excited it was for me as she already found the blog due to our similar paper interests.  She has a fun mail blog as well -link

Juli has moved to warmer weather!
Well my fellow mail hounds, I need to shift this day into a higher gear, if I am to accomplish much before I head West!
My Best!

Wednesday, December 28

Ah - Love My Friends

I recently got a card from an old friend who is an ex-pat to Canada.  She does not write much or often, but we are still good buds.  The kind of friendship that has lasted 15yrs thus far : )

It's nice to hear from old friends during the holidays!

I love the stories and connections in life and the moments and things that make us think of one another.

Happy Holidays,

Tuesday, December 27

A Give Away - Not Mine but still terrific!

Hello all,
I recently got an email request to announcing a blogger give away!  And while I do not always make it in time to repost these, I made a special effort this time as one of the long time supporters of this blog is featured. 
I love Chewy Tulip!

For a chance to win some of her fab designs please go to Lady Kay's blog here

Gotta love free fun stationery!

Monday, December 26

How To Get More Mail

(Warning, an attempt at humor was made)

In the new year many people have resolutions on ways to improve their lives.  But how many of us stick to our new diet, exercise plan, financial plan, or really quit anything? Well one resolution that will probably not make the top ten national list is to get more mail.  It helps to save the post office and mail in your mailbox is like Zanaxx in your coffee!!!!  It makes you feel all lovely and calm inside.
Now I have long been told that nothing in life is free (though I argue taxes are definitely given out freely). So here is my crazy plan to increase mail into the old mailbox.

1) Start a blog and open a P.O. Box  - (wait too close to real life ! )

2) Join Facebook and insult Ashton Kutcher while leaving your P.O. Box out there for anybody to send a reply. 

3) Join Postcrossing and SwapBot and be an active member!!!

4) Join Sendsomething and put a quirky question up for any to answer.  Although if you really wanted to increase your odds of being hit on a random search, join 5 times with 5 different profiles and try to appeal to mass audiences (muahaha - not tried, just thought I'd insert an evil laugh here)

5) Host a mail contest every month that required mailed in participation to win. (Again with the real life!)

6) Do a form letter insulting or loving (your choice really) the late night talk show hosts of every major network.  Try to ask reasonable though not necessarily rational questions for a response.

7) Send out a self addressed and stamped postcard to all your family and friends to send back.  Tell them you cry at night because you miss them so.  Even if this is not the case, sympathy and pity can be weapons to your advantage.  Unless of course your brother was a Navy man- then he just says "Boohoo cry baby, thanks for the stamp, I put it on a bill."   (This has not happened to me, but knowing my brother . . . well let's just say it was not a great stretch of the imagination! )

8) Write a form letter to all your favorite companies and ask for coupons after telling them how much your life was improved by their latest, greatest product.

9) Become famous but controversial.  Not only will the media bash you, but you will get both fan and hate mail! 

10) Besides the last one, notice a trend?  The most important and successful way to get letters and postcards is . . . drum roll . . . send one and allow for reply!!!! Ta da! 

Okay it was not rocket science, but let us all do our best in the new year to help support the Post Office.  Because without them, we would not have the opportunity to reach out to each other so easily and cheaply and with such great stationery!

Hope this leaves you smiling!  Feel free to add to the list and keep the mail alive.

Sunday, December 25

Happy Holidays!

To those who celebrate- Merry Christmas!  To those that don't celebrate - My Best Wishes always, just because you are in my thoughts today!
A few special thank you go out to the following
To Val:
Thanks for supporting me from the very start of the blog!

The gift of stamps!!!!
To Lou at Lou Lou Crafts:
Thanks for sending something for me to open on Christmas morning.  It can be lonely being far from family and friends on a holiday.  But having a package to open is exciting and is physical contact with the world at large!  Hope you are having a good day on your own too!

She makes such wonderful "warm your heart" things. 
To the Picadilly Post:
Thanks- you always know how to brighten my day!  Letter and more will be on its way South to you!

The wrapped goodies I opened this AM

All the contents of a super lovely package (minus a few stamps-a postcrosser in Slovenia will be the recipient of those - a gift that gives on!) 
To Everybody who patrons this blog:
Just a big heart felt thank you!  You have no idea how this little electronic world has grown to be much more to me.  It's hard to describe the fulfillment I get from a post that generates interests or seemingly has inspired others to create!
My Best and Happy Holidays,

Wednesday, December 21

Let's Here it for Mail

It's been awhile since I have had the time and (I'll admit it) the desire to post some of my incoming.  The holiday season continues to swirl as I settle in from a long trip to "home"  (aka Ohio).  I actually have received and responded to much more than what I am about to show you, but I wanted to break this up a bit to let each letter shine.
First off, the wall of holiday cards.  I have added a few more, but I did a group picture just to allow some privacy since the majority are photo cards.

On to other fun

Awhile ago I won a fun contest for creative mail.  The pillow finally arrived just in time for the holidays.  And no worries, I was a student once and understand the limitations of coinage when applied to mail!  All the other note cards were bonus gifts!
The top card is from Juanita at There's Only Juan blog.  She sent me a way cool stamp - below that is a scratch off to reveal the answer.  I decided to leave mine intact for posterity!

One is postcrossing and the second is a private exchange from Annie.  You'll probably be seeing a lot more from her as time goes on.
Some lovely Postcrossing cards!
2 postcrossings.  The top is from Brazil and has a terrific bat stamp!

Malyss knows how to package some sunshine and send it my way!
A lovely packed envie from my dear friend Carrie

Well that is a wrap for now!  I hope to get more up soon!
My Best,

Monday, December 19

Family Christmas

Hell all,
I still have limited photos to put up as the camera is in one of the currently still packed bags.   Anyway the weather held for my trip back to Ohio to visit the parents and family there.  I quite happily got the one thing I had really requested!  Any guesses???
Stamps!  That's right all this mailer really wanted for Christmas was stamps : )
Anybody else have a similar request? 
Happy holidays to all! 

Thursday, December 15

Lack of Posts Not Lack of Creativity!

Hello all,
Have you all been as busy as I have?  This crazy December has been a swirl of activity!  I love the creativity that I get in the winter, when the leaves, flowers and sunshine are not a distraction this side of the equator.  For some reason, I find the winter season, one of my happiest and always like to stay indoors and just make things.  This year is no different, but unfortunately there is not enough time for all my hobbies! 
This weekend I will be off doing the family holiday thing!
Hope this finds you all well and happy!

Monday, December 12

Highly Doubt They Will Peek

Hello all,
I promised to post a view of the 2 paper cuttings I got for my Mom and a brother.  I know on occasion both have looked at this blog, but it is so rare, that I doubt they will see them before they unwrap their gifts this weekend.  (We are having an early holiday since a few of the family are in the medical profession).

12 days of Christmas
 Paper cutting goes back to the ancient Chinese days.  The Pennsylvania Dutch still give paper cuttings as a traditional gift for several events (births and marriages).  Look at the details!  It is wicked tiny!  And done by razor blade.  I would not want the sneezes while carving these out.

Hope this finds you all merry and bright!

Sunday, December 11

Sending and Recycling

One thing I love more than sending or receiving a fun and interesting letter is making care packages - huge heart here!- !!!  Recently, I was looking to consolidate my remaining stationery and knew I had a few beautiful boxes almost empty of their stationery (not stationary) contents.  I hated to toss them.  What memories and beauty!  What to do?  

How about combining some of my loves?  Here are some examples of the compact care packages I am sending out to a few pen friends.   It was fun to let go and I hope to eventually slow the accumulation and increase the home made pieces!

I like this holiday card very much, but could only score a handful of them at the Dollar Store!

The Post Office's Jolly Elf,

Tuesday, December 6

The Ladies are Back in Town!

That's right they are back together and crafting!
I am super happy to announce that the Cardoholics Anonymous group, a local paper crafting meet up, is back to cutting, gluing, embellishing, and folding this winter!!!  I have to say that if any of you ever have the opportunity, you should seek out a group of crafters to join.  Bouncing creative ideas around and problem solving together, really, really help you unleash your creativity to the fullest extent.  Many times they have struggled with the same materials and will tell you what has worked for them and what they find does not work at all.  Plus you can introduce them to new materials like washi or deco tape.
I know many in this group are focused on mail art, but do not discount the creative talents and ideas of scrapbookers, traditional card makers, rubber stampers, and book binders.  Just ask to bring your own thing and be amazed at the suggestions that roll your way!  I think the true spirit of crafting groups should be to inspire one another to play outside the box or try something different. 

Doing my best to generate positive and creative energy,

Monday, December 5

Catching up slowly

Hello all,
Here are some more of the incoming I have recieved recently.  A real attempt was made this weekend to catch up and even work on getting ahead!
In no particular order,

A package from Louise at Lou La La Crafts.  And the holiday season starts . . .
Also a zine she contributed to.

A note from a friend.  I'm sure the next will carry tidings of snow. (just check out the postmark for some insight)
From the 365 sisters  and they are always happy for more mail!

Not one but 2 letters from Wolfey! 
2 postcrossings - Happy Sinterklaas Day (12-5)
A sendsomething and a postcrossing
Nora's note.  Still one of the best things to come from Postcrossing
From darling KC, Has it been a year already?
Girl on a Glide moved!  Back to the South and just in time to evade a WY winter!
Fun ads and bits from Patty at Just Letter Rip (blogroll)
A nice note from EF I like the paper bits.
A great image and letter from RN!  I forgot to ask where the image came from, but it's stunning.
A nice letter from L.V.  She was a contributor to the recycle challenge!
I will try to put up some more of my outgoing mail up soon. 
Till then, I hope this tides you all over!
Keep writing!

Sunday, December 4

Upcycle- Weird Envelopes

Hello mail land and a special welcome to Luxemborg!
I have a tracker on my views that tells me the countries the viewers are from, and I saw Luxemborg for the first time today- so welcome and yay!

For all the rest, I hope this finds you all ready to create! 
Project 1
The first envelope idea is borrowed from the talented Pamela and I believe I have shown it before, but here it is again.
Start with a brochure of some place fun.  I gutted this one because it was a rather thick brochure and saved some of the inner images to cover other addresses on the exterior.
Add tape.
Finish and mail.
I figure if a picture is worth a thousand words, a brochure could inspire a short story!

Project 2
I have recently become addicted to double envelope books.  I usually just make a 2 part one, but you could easily add in a third and fourth envelope to vary the design. 
Take 2 leftover similar envelopes.
Insert one flap inside the other and adhere the outer 2.  Above is the front view and below is the back view.
The inside after some embellishment.  The letter is to the left and some goodies are to the right.

Tape the othe 3 sides.  I usually only partially tape domestic mail, so people can easily cut it open.  And I usually clue them in to where to cut on the back so the wonderful book effect remains!
If you don't get too crazy with stuffing, it should mail at a normal rate!  I have no problem with the creation of these multipart structures (3 or 4 envelopes), my block is what to shove in to the various compartments without making them cumbersome!
A nice variation is to put the envelopes end to end to make a long fold out.  I have yet to make one and mail it, but I have recieved one from a sendsomething aquaintence!
Hope this finds you all crafty!