Monday, January 2

Envelopes Revisited

Several folks made inquiries about how to make larger envelope books so I revisited the task.  I do not do the bigger ones too often strictly because I am uncertain what to put in all those slots. 
Option A
Insert one flap into the other to make a 2 part envie book.  See the above showing how they were inserted.

back after above step
Place one envie book to the flap of another single envelope.
Add the 4th and final to the inside of the first.
The finished product
Option B
Add end to end to end

Somebody had recommended one of these for photos and making a story book of a vacation or the like to give as a present.
In this version, I recommend a final flap cover

Option C
Not pictured but accordion style which would be flaps in one direction but alternating whether the flap was to your left or right. 

Option D
Grab a stack of matching envelopes and just work it out : )  It's fun to mix and match directions.

Finally I recommend to decorate liberally
And I hope that helps you all in creating envelope books! My Best,


  1. hi Becky! You PXing PC arrived today! What a cool blog!

  2. I loved this post! So creative!! I shared it on my FB :) :) I always peek @ your blog...