Sunday, January 1

Good Bye 2011

I feel I would be remiss in not wishing all the folks who chance upon this blog a warm and hearty Happy New Year!  I would like to lay out my list for improving my blog, but after the whirlwind trip the last 3 days to Pittsburgh to visit a few friends, I am drawing a blank.  So my proposal is simple, feel free to leave suggestions! 
Blog posts I hope to continue with are
-crafting great mail projects
-showing all my incoming mail  (I do this for 2 reasons 1) I let people know I got their letters and 2) I started my blog after having the rush of seeing my letters appear on others mail blogs!)
-attempting more "humor" writings and musings

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy and steeling your determination to accomplish your goals!
My Best,


  1. Do your best, and keep on doing it with pleasure, that's the most important!Happy creative new Year, dear Becky!

  2. Hmm, I don't normally post received mail. Maybe I should. Nice to make other people happy.