Sunday, January 15

So Many Letters

Over the holidays, I got so many letters that I could not possibly keep up.  I have made a huge effort to catch up since New Years and I am proud to report that most of the letters I have yet to respond to were all received this year! 
This is the first of 2 posts on all the mail I have responded to, and remember, if you see it mail has been sent your way.

An amazing package from Rin at Papered Thoughts

KC's first attempts at cardmaking!  It looks good.

KH sent me a lovely note!

Kate and Sara from the 365 letters blog

Sendsomething - a sweet package of Misc!

Katherine made this postcard - she makes some lovely mail art!

This was the most unexpected piece I got.  An amazing package from a Dutch postcrosser.  She sent a small zine that she made especially for me so I could take a glimpse at her life.  I was astounded and very happy to be the recipient of this thoughtful package!
From another postcrosser- Potato and I have recently started a private exchange.

The Impeccable M

From WD - I hope her trip went well!

How exciting!  I hope I can get the rest posted tomorrow, so stay tuned!  And now I will finish watching the Golden Globes. I have several movies to add to my Netflix queue!
Happy mailboxes,

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  1. What a nice idea your blog! I'm amazed to see how much you do with papers, cards, letters, and so on.
    Creativity is really a beautiful thing. It opens doors and windows to other worlds and gives wings.
    Thank you!