Monday, March 31

National Stationery Week Celebration

I was doing some surfing among people who travel in the circles of everything pen and paper and I came across a post about National Stationery Week.  I got all excited and even start to rock back in forth in my chair, then I deflated as I learned this was a British celebration.  But not very deflated, as anything that celebrates the written word and beautiful gorgeous stationery is newsworthy in this little world. 

So today I don my Wellingtons and go to the store for some tea and biscuits because I am going British for a week!  I already love the monarchy and have the phrase "Keep Calm and Carry On" proudly displayed on a stationery box, so why not!  For a few nights I can forgo my normal tele watching to start in on Downton Abbey on Netflix.  I've been meaning to add it to my queue anyway!

And in celebration of National Stationery Week, I think I will offer a give away.  Please make mention of this week on your blog or some social media and throw your name in the hat below in comments.  I will have 2 prizes - a large 8 by 11 envelope full of stationery goodness for the USA and one half that size for international mailing. 
If you are international, please let me know that too as that is not easy to track on the comments.  Winner announced April 6th - the last day of the celebration!  The winners will be randomly selected by a means to be determined.

Until then, I'll be playing catch up on my huge letter pile!

Saturday, March 29

Did You Know? Postcard Edition

Today I got a bit of an education on postcards as I talked with a client who happens to be a librarian at the local university and is in charge of that institutions historical collections.  I had found a card at the thrift store that I though he might like and he started to tell me several things I did not know.
1) Postcards started in the late 1800's
2) The only thing allowed on the address side of postcards was the address until March 1, 1907, when they introduced the divided back.
3) Most of the really early postcards were of pictures people took of each other.  But mostly only the upper incomes could afford such luxuries.
4) Once people were allowed to write on the postcards they often only wrote a few words.  And in his opinion they were often cryptic at best in their wording.  I've seen and own a few of these really old cards and I agree they can be nonsensical at best.  Maybe they were worried about people reading the cards?  Or maybe randomness was a prized commodity back in the day?  The cards still talk but who knows what they originally meant.

Things that make you go hum!

Thursday, March 13

Printable Stationery

Hello all!
How are you doing?  Somehow this month is flying by and I find myself ever behind!  But on a good note, I am routinely creating so I guess the trade is worth it in some ways.  And I hope to post one of the card designs I have fallen in love with in the near future. 
But before we get there, I want to point out a couple of sites where you can snag some printable stationery designs.

First my friend Tara-dactyl has a set that I somehow helped to inspire.  As I said before, I love having the ability to plant ideas and let others take them and make them their own.  To inspire anything positive is an honor!

Another site is an old one, but it has a variety of lovely designs.  Take a look and see if any tickle your fancy.

Lastly, if you are huge into printables, I recommend you think of becoming a member of one of several groups on Facebook that share printable stationery designs like "Penpal Friends Stationery Printables".

Have fun!

Saturday, March 8

And Now For a Moment of True Mail Geekery . . .

I just got this video link sent to me on Facebook from the folks in charge of the US Postal Museum.   It's a video by C Span where the curators of the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery of the National Postal Museum give a walk through tour.  It's a long video!  But if you have yet to go and are really interested in such, you should take a look!
Follow the link here!

Friday, March 7

Birthday Cards for Colin

Hello all!
I live far away from many friends and most of the family, so I use social media like most people do to keep in touch.  My sister recently invited me to join a page called "Send Cards to Colin" 
I am always slightly skeptical of things on Facebook that I do not know directly originated from an acquaintance.  I have seen things shaming people, encouraging people, and informing people, but if it's something I intend to share, I check the back story on it.  Turns out this is legitimate as best as I can verify in my short work of looking things up.
The whole story can be read here.  The synopsis is that Colin has felt isolated and that he has no friends due to his mild Autism.  His mother went to social media after asking him who Colin wanted to invite to his birthday party and his response was it was not worth it because he had no friends.  She wants to let him know that different is okay and that he has friends.
School can be harsh especially when you are deemed different in a less desirable way.  Life's hard enough, so I think I will use my hobby and send a little love!  Please join me in sending a card to Colin and taking a moment to remind him he's not alone.

PO Box 756
Richland, MI 49083

Sunday, March 2

Images for Postcards Contest

I have been on the Postcrossing site now for over 3 years and one of the things I get really excited about is when people send me images they have take in their regular lives and make them into postcards.  These are always among my favorites due to the personal nature of their content.  For me, it has an extra layer of sharing and camaraderie!
Postcrossing just announced a contest being held by a Dutch company, much like Zazzle but choosier, where images are submitted and they make them into postcards available for sale.  This year the theme of the contest is books.   
If you have some photography talent and want to participate, look here for more details.
Now here are a few photos I would like to turn into postcards some day!
 Taken at Bunratty Castle in Ireland
 Taken at my parents' home in Ohio.  I planted all those trees and many more!
 I would have this photo of my dog with a caption "I need another weekend"
Beautiful sunflowers from the parents' property with our red barn in the background.