Wednesday, February 29


Hello all!
Thanks for being patient!  Technology is wonderful except when it does not work.  But I am glad to be up and running again!!!  I have been staying connected to many of you through paper and pen which is why we should always have mail available!  Unfortunately, I appreciated the time away from the distractions of the internet, so much so, that I think it may be awhile before I jump back into daily postings.  Plus I have a new distraction besides my work, this blog, the huge back log of letters to respond to and daily living.  I have also recently begun the huge task of buying a home!  Until the house hunt is done, I will be sparse on the postings, but I will have much fodder  to write about with the pen and paper!
Meanwhile I hope everybody is staying connected one way or another and that this post finds you all well and happy!
My Best,

Monday, February 20

Sendsomething - o - versary!

Hello there!
I am still having some issues with my computer and will continue sparse postings till they are fixed, but I wanted to put in a plug for!  It has been 1 year and a few weeks since I joined the site and I must say its been an excellent opportunity!  I have made several mail friends that I continue to write and keep up with.  I have also had many one time mailings and postcards through the site.  I know some have had less positive experiences, but I was very proactive when I started to find people to write so I think that has made the difference on the experience received through it. 
If you are at all interested, log on and see what it is all about.  People from all over the world and with all kinds of experiences and interests can be found there!
Keep writing my friends,

Monday, February 13

A virus

As many of you may have guessed by now, my computer problems were a lot more extensive than first thought.  I have caught a virus!  So I need to get my precious (said like Lord of the Rings) laptop checked out by somebody and debugged. 
I guess a virus is somewhat good, because it ensures that I will have time to write people back in a timely fashion.  Unfortunately I will not be able to participate in postcrossing for a bit, but my letters will hopefully be a bit more creative!
Well, until my computer fells better, this may be the last post for awhile. 
I hope this finds you all giving and receiving much mail!

Thursday, February 2

Delay in Posts

Sorry about the lack of posts this week.  I am currently experiencing at home internet problems.  These should be resolved soon.  Meanwhile I am 3 letters from being caught up!  Of course, I have not been able to check my P.O. Box since Monday, so this may be a fleeting accomplishment.

My Best,