Saturday, January 1

Recycling Old Holiday Cards

The first task of the new year is to take down the holiday decorations and do something with them.  Which brings me to today's task,
 I love holiday cards.  Many are so beautiful and most of my friends rarely write much  in the cards themselves. So at the end of the season, I am left with the ungratifying task of sorting and tossing the beautiful but unwanted cards into the recycling bin.  I keep the ones with legitimate sentimentality and pictures, but what to do with the others?
Well today, I decided to find some alternatives. I have often thought about doing crafts with some of the really pretty cards.
Site for making boxes for next year's trinkets and gift cards.
Site for making bookmarks for those who like to celebrate Christmas year round.
Site for Angel Decorations for those with children who like to do crafts
Site for some really cool ornaments for those with real ambition!

But the site I chose was St. Judes Ranch.  They take used cards on donation and tear them apart to make new cards for sale to profit the charity.  You can read more at the link provided.

This was the best choice for my busy lifestyle, and it helps me to find a good way to reduce, reuse, and recycle in the new year!  But which ever way you decide is best for you, do it.  Just please think hard before throwing these beauties in the trash.
Happy mailing!

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