Friday, January 13

A Contest

The fearless leader of our local paper craft group has left us.  ABE (Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton) will be lost without a papercraft group, (well at least myself, Joanne and Nancy will be).  We have decided to start a new one as our leader has moved the meet up to Denver, CO with her. 
Nancy and I have tossed a few ideas around, but I am not sure any are to our great satisfaction.  So I am opening it to all of you.  
Here's what we mean to accomplish:
- be a creative meet up group revolving around paper but not really scrapbooking (there is a huge scrapbook meetup in the Valley already)
- Nancy and Joanne are Operation Write Home card makers
- We will do traditional stamping, card making, and all the crackpot stuff that I come up with
- Nancy and Joanne are VERY skilled and willing to teach new folks
- I am just weird and doing my recycling efforts but I did a show and tell an envie booklets and deco tape
- We also trade "unwanted" goodies  - meaning "I can't use it, can you?"  which is how I got my new favorite zebra tape!

Just leave the name suggestion below with an email. The best name (as we decide it) will win something out of my extensive stationery and postcards and paper goods stash (think stuffed 8 x 10 padded envelope)

Thanks all for the ideas!

P.s. I personally hate me email hanging out there for all to see, so if you want to enter but want it erased afterward just leave me an "erase please" at the end.


  1. Our previous meet-up group was called the Cardoholics as an FYI

  2. Paper Pushers

    :P I was just thinking, seeing as you want to have the 'I can't use it, can you?' part of things...

    jmfictionscribe [at]

  3. Craft Soup :-)

    An eclectic mixture of creative juices can be thrown into the 'soup'.

    Much love x

  4. Craftels - like Craft Angels also cuz of the "I can't use it, can you..." part. Could work also with Paper as Papels.