Monday, January 16

The Catch Up Continues!

Here is my part 2 of the catch up series!

CKB - I always look forward to our letter exchanges!

I love Malyss's ribbon tree! So cute!

A public apology to Tara - I lost her letter and found it a month later!  Well a reply late is usually better than none at all!
A nice letter from Adventures of a Mail Junkie
A hand made card for postcrossing - I fear the impression is not visible
An envelope booklet from Just Letter Rip
The Pen Thief always finds interesting materials to repurpose
Taylor sent me mail and a hand made envelope!
A really nice package from LV - she used a Kleenex tissue small pack as the letter holder.
A Christmas card and a postcard from the Pan Thief
A Taiwan postcard and my favorite Bunny Suicides postcard!
A wonderful art postcard (postcrossing) from the USA
2 postcrossings - 1 from France and 1 is a Dove Bar from Russia!

I hope that in the next day or 2 I can put up the final pics.  Blogger is limiting how many it will allow today.
My Best,

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  1. Haha! Thanks for the public apology, although not needed! Lost letters happen to the best of us :) I just finished writing you back this evening!