Wednesday, January 11

Some New Finds

While I have massively lessened my purchasing of stationery, I still manage to pick up a box here and there (darn my close proximity to a Marshalls, Home Goods, and Goodwill!!!)  I figured I have not posted any stationery picks in awhile and I thought now would be a good time to share!
I love the bold prints and the room for embellishment!

That's right, just keep calm

Sigh - I love me some pretty stationery at a deeply discounted rates!  The last is a cool letter set from Goodwill.  All the better for me to share or use myself!
My Best,


  1. Very cute stationery! I just love finding stationery for cheap. My favorite stores to find stationery that's a great price is Marshalls, Home Goods and Hobby Lobby. I've never looked at Goodwill but I'll have to. :)

    P.S. Thanks for the letter. I will send one back soon. :)

  2. I know it's not very polite BUT I'd like very much to have the postcards with "Keep calm"! I can't find them in France.If ever you have them twice...Maybe you'd like some exchange?....

  3. Oh Malyss! I'll be happy to send you one. I can get quite a few here - though cards are much more common. No need to exchange! My pleasure!

  4. Great!I'll find a way to thank you! :o)