Monday, February 28

Cool PC's

I received some fabulous postcards last week
Postcrossing- Some nontraditional PC's and my first mail art from that site.

From Fast Eyes at SendSomething and Pamela at MailArt365 and Art and Cappucino

I do love a heartfelt message on a beautiful PC!
What talent!  And what luck I have!

Sunday, February 27

My Give-Away: First Entry Has Arrived!

Hello all,
I don't know about you all but I am excited about the Oscars tonight.  Movies are as big a passion as sending things!

This is just and update.  I am doing a $35 GiveAway with CSN (  See previous blog for rules and more info!  They have a huge selection of merchandise from office to home.
This contest is all about mail and luck.  You have until St. Patrick's Day (March 17th) to send me a number between 1 and 100 on a postcard or in a letter to enter.  Last year's winner is sending me the winning number.  All USA and Canadians are welcomed- (sorry rest of world, this is CSN's rule, not mine).  But if you'd like an exchange or have a separate drawing for the rest of the world, please contact me.  My last international drawing only had 4 entrants : (  Good for them!  Not best for me. 
Her number is on the back.
So far the Pen Thief is all alone in her entry- which will make for an easy contest : )
The drawing won't last long, so get your entries in as soon as you can!   To the best guesser goes the spoils! 
Stamps and Stickers, Oh My!

Saturday, February 26

My Postcrossing Experiment

Hello All,
   I decided now was a great time to touch base on my other mail experiment I had embarked on.  For those of you who have been with me for awhile, know that I started postcrossing late last year.  And I have to admit, about 15 cards into it, I was ready to stop.  The postage is expensive and the lack of instant gratification was annoying (i.e. international mailing times), but I also discovered that I don't really love postcards of places I haven't been.  Weird huh?  As that is the main premise of the site.
   So I actually requested people consider sending me stationery or made items or random mailings.  I'd say about every fifth mailing was something awesome- 2 were stationery notes from the Netherlands and Poland!  A few were handmade or self photo'ed postcards that I actually love!  I know I shouldn't expect folks to go out of their way and (the language barrier), but about the 4th card in a row that just said "Happy Postcrossing" and I was done! 
Until  . . . . .  I remembered that giving is always better than receiving!
    I like to send out pieces from my massive collection of stationery that fit what folks want and whatever other bits they request.  If they do request a PC, I happily oblige, but if they seem open to something else. . . well that's where the fun starts!  The last 2 stationery pieces I sent, hit the mark!  I received some very nice thank you emails telling me how much they appreciated my non traditional postcrossings.  Both actually went out of their way to look at this site and email me through it!   These ladies both received guinea pig stickers as well as a hand written notes on a stationery item with a theme they requested.  So my spirits have been lifted and continue on, I will! 
Thanks Anoeska and Nika!  Your encouragements were very much needed and came at the right time!

So that's where I'm at with postcrossing.  I mostly like it!

The Moral:  Keep sending good things and good things will come back your way!
a little something for the royal wedding

Friday, February 25

Anybody Order Chinese?

I found this cute little kit of Chinese seals. The box is VERY tiny and was super cheap!  The seals are supposed to mean Prosperity, Happiness, Wealth and Tranquility.  Even if they don't mean those things, they look like they'll be fun to play with.
Keep playing and mailing,

Wednesday, February 23

My SendSomething Experiment

I sent some letters

I recieved well . . . .

I think Send Something might be a bust.  I'll leave my account up, but not too sure if I'll get much.  I tend to have a hard time writing people I don't know with all the intimate details of who I am.  That's part of me that I am learning to own and trying to expand out of my comfort zone. 
Anyway, I sincerely hope this finds you all getting lots of mail!

Tuesday, February 22

A Paper Trail of My Own Making

I attempted something.  The key to creativity is to try, at least that's what I tell myself.  Well I had promised a friend I would try to make her some stationery.  I'm not the most creative person in the world, but hey, if she hates it there is such a thing as recycling.

The first attempt:
When I was a kid, I used to love markers and coloring.  I also liked the effect of the marker when water was added. 
 I'm not so sure about this effect.  It looks rather grade school, but a I tried!  What a mess it made though!
The second attempt:
I love tea, so I decided to use a tea bag to dress up paper.

 I had started with the edges, but liked the effect so then, I did the whole page.  But the tea made limited pages.  I could get 3 out of one bag of berry herbal blend tea.
The Third Attempt:
I ended up making these basic cards.  The stickers I got a few posts back, make a nice central theme to the cards.  And she loves impressionism!  So I think these will be a hit!

I also made this out of a recycled calendar piece!

Hope this finds you trying to be creative!

Monday, February 21

Love Letters - a contest

Hello my darlings,
 I know I just posted my own give-away, but I received a wonderful email from Kristina McMorris.  She is an author who just wrote a book called Letters From Home.  The book is to be released next month and as part of the activity around the novel's debut, there is a contest.  The prize is a WWII replica box filled with gorgeous stationery.  I drooled when I saw it!

I hope she doesn't mind, I borrowed the pic from her site.
 An excerpt from her email with the details

"Submit a love letter by March 31, 2011. It can be short or long, funny or heartwarming, poetic or satirical, real or made up. Some ideas actual WWII letter; an imaginary note from Juliet to Romeo, from Donald Duck to Daisy, or from Amelia Earhart to a secret love with whom she might have run away. It can be a letter you once received, a copy of one you've sent, or one you should have written long ago. It can be a message to God, an estranged relative, a deployed serviceman, your favorite celebrity, and the list goes on. "

So anybody who would like to win should visit her site and read the details of the contest and the novel that inspired the contest.  Another thing to note from her email:

"Watch a brief video about the true story behind the book at
And for WWII letters, special book club features, 1940s recipes, and more, visit
A portion of the author's proceeds from sales will benefit United Through Reading, a nonprofit organization that video records deployed U.S. military personnel reading bedtime stories for their children. "

So my darlings, please consider taking a look and until the next post may peace and good memories live in your hearts. 
My Sincerest Love and Affections,

Saturday, February 19

Another Give Away with CSN

It looks like CSN liked working with me so well, they offered up another $35 prize to be spent at one of their many stores!  Background on CSN:  They are a major on-line retailer with over 200 stores to spend your money on.  Some of my favorite sites to e-window shop on are the home office furniture, modern furniture, and writing desks site.  But they have a lot of lovely things and I will be happy to post a few sites during the contest.

So here's how it will go down. 
(Rules and such.)
I want more mail, so the entries will be by mail. 
Pick a number between 1-100 and send it to me in a letter or postcard.  Feel free to make mailart on them or whatever you feel comfortable with.  Valerie who won last year is going to send me the winning pick in the mail.  The number that is the closest to her pick without being over will be the winner. 
*IF 2 folks have the same number, the person who is a follower of the blog will win over a non-follower. You do not have to follow my blog to win, but it betters your odds and if you read me already- just make it official!
*IF 2 or more followers are tied, names in a hat and the girls at work will draw the winner. But I will send consolation prizes to the other names in the hat as they deserve something for being so close. 
*IF you are not a follower, I will need email contact info. I will not try to track you down.  I learned from the last drawing that this is a waste of my time. 
Entries must be received by March 17th, St. Patrick's Day! I will reveal the winner(s) that weekend.
Finally, you must be a US or Canadian citizen to enter and 18yrs of age.  Sorry my non-North American readers, these are CSN rules.  I also think the odds would be stacked against some countries that have sketchy mail systems.   

Every post should have a picture of stationery is my rule! More Paris themed cards in my collection.
I actually joked with Caitlin that the reason she chose me to work with again is because she wanted more mail and she concurred that receiving a Thank You was much appreciated!   Remember to send "Thank You's", they may open doors that would otherwise remain closed!
I hope this finds you all having the luck of the stamp!
Let the mailing begin!

Friday, February 18

This Week in Mail #2

Well I didn't expect to throw a second post on today, but the day's mail came in as did more surprises from folks.  As before, I have been surprised this week by mail from friends who hardly ever write!  And yet they all had the same thought, mail her this week!
From Postcrossing- with a really nice note on the back.

For my Friends and Family PC Project.  Thanks old wine drinking buddy!

A late but lovely Valentine

If you know Shana, who has a food blog, you wouldn't be surprised by the silly faces or by it being a bit late!
A little hand made present from Amber.  Amber did a post on facebook offering to make some hand made gifts for the first five who respond.  I jumped on that and completely forgot about it till these showed up today!  Love them! She did an awesome job, and they are fully lined on the inside.
A surprise from a new blog,(Confessions of a Pen Thief), that I am following along with- a definite chuckle!  Definitely stop by, as Misty is collecting books and letters for the troops and could use any and all help.   I love recycling!

And finally a little tribute to My Real Wall.  Andy and Elena like to take the mail people send them out into the world and take pictures of them at a variety of settings. 

I think my Halloween card took a walk to the countryside!  These are both from Elena.  I give her props for recycling the tulip stickers from a note I sent her!
It was such a beautiful day, so the dog and I were out enjoying our patio (in the 60's).  The temps are to plummet tomorrow. 

I honestly don't usually get this much mail so I REALLY REALLY appreciate it all!  I'd better get back outside and start writing people back!
Peace and Love and Sunshine (yes definitely lots of sunshine!!!)

This Week In the Mail

Hello Folks Everywhere!
How are you all?  I am fabulous!  I know I don't usually open up my personnel life to many.  I'm a cancer- the crab- which means hard on the outside but very soft on the inside.  So it takes awhile to peel the layers.  Well this week I was completely surprised by who mailed me!  Some long time friends and family sent me mail which is totally not the norm.  So in some ways, this is the best mail week I've had!
On Monday:

From my aunt, the first letter to the PA address.  She crochets all the time, so she crocheted me a Valentine

One of my oldest friends let her boys make me Valentines with a little help from Mom.  Also a Thank You for some presents I sent them - in the mail of course!
The rest of the week:

I started a friends and family post card project.  I sent them all Self Addressed and stamped blank post cards and asked them to decorate them and send them back.  So far 2 have arrived.  The bottom is from Miguel and Alex again, a dog in the snow.  The top is from my friend Scott, so proud- this is his second post to me.  He literally NEVER writes anybody, so I feel honored!  I promised them I'd post them as I got them.  I'm all about empowering people to create.  Speaking of post. . .

A package from Andy and Elena at Quilling, Mail Art 365, and the Real Wall-all in blog role
If it weren't for Andy at the Real Wall posting my letters on his website, I would not have started this one!  I loved seeing that somebody really appreciated the mail I sent even if it wasn't the most creative or artistic.
There's also something to be said for new pen friends I have found since starting this.

Troy and Kati are 2 of the newer folks I write.  I really appreciate their letters and blossoming friendships.
And finally, a little surprise from Send Me a Million Postcards!  Thought I'd throw them another post to help the cause along. 

Thanks for the PC back!  Loved the stamps and I have a friend I have been sharing all my PC's with as she collects the stamps, so to her this goes secondly. 
If you sent something to the P.O. Box this week, just know I have yet to check it since Tuesday.  But I'm going there after this is posted!  So who knows, maybe more will be added today/ tomorrow.
Thanks for adding me into your life, and I am happy you all are part of mine!
I hope this finds you all happy and receiving lots of love!

Thursday, February 17

I'm popular in Norfolk Island?

For those who don't have a blog, there is a fun little button called stats.  The stats tell you what countries are visiting your blog, the referring sites they come from, and how many visits you get by day/week/month.  And I must say I am totally addicted to this little function!  I would like to look at it 20 times a day if I could!  It's really a problem, but we all know I don't do well with self control!
Anyway, the other day I noticed Norfolk Island had made it into the top 10th spot of countries.  Which prompted me to think, where the heck is Norfolk Island?  Is it a country?  And why I am so popular there? (And by popular I mean 3 views : )
I feel like I'm pretty good with geography compared to my average fellow countryman, but this elluded me.
A google search revealed Norfolk Island is in the vicinity of Australia and New Zealand.  The tourism web site is beautiful and apparently they just got a world heritage site listing.  Yay for them!
Anyway, I invite my mysterious Norfolk Islander to stop by and comment!  Tell us more and let us know if you'd like a few notes and postcards from around these parts.  I have to say, I definitely learned something this week. 
Keep learning and sending!
Some beautiful cards featuring artwork by Klimt

Wednesday, February 16

Caspari- My Newest Love

Dear All,
I hope this finds you all well and dreaming of beautiful peaceful things like stationery. Today I have to say I heart heart heart Caspari! I found a few of their things at Marshalls but I had not looked up the company till recently.  (Only one of mine pictured here).

Some beautiful vintage inspired cards.
Caspari has several artist from Europe who design beautiful cards, and a store in Charlottesville, Virginia and Munich, Germany.  They also make beautiful napkins, plates, and other paper goods.

These images are from the website.  Wish I owned them all!
Their prices are also fantastic at the on-line store, and I love several of the designs.  I hate to use buzz words, but their products have a sophistication to them.  I really like the art themes and the vintage feel.   - Sigh- I really do love their stationery.  My personal collection is small, but I think it will grow rapidly as I find them locally.  How sad is it that I am considering a pilgrimage to their store in Virginia? A 5 hr scenic drive for stationery, that's not obsessive is it?
I hope this finds you all well and receiving beautiful things!
Happy Mailing,

Monday, February 14


Hello All,
From Bottle to Pen is a new line of green products.  Pilot- one of my favorite brands of pens- is recycling water bottles into pens.  I found this little guy at a display in Staples.
(Not the best pic)

It writes well and feels like a mini water bottle.  It's nice to write with a gel pen that is made from recyclables although I wish it was a G2 anti-fraud.  Oh well as my grandfather always said "If wishes were horses, than beggars would ride".
Just thought I'd spread the word!

Saturday, February 12

My Lovely Valentine

There's nothing like a holiday about love and coupledom to remind a girl she is single.   Well dwell not!  I decided this year to send some love to all my friends. Handmade Valentines are just the thing.
 Some building blocks
I love the hamsters!  They are actually stickers themselves.
From a Target kit with some Curious add-on's
A few postcards from recycling scrapbooking paper wrappers

A few random cards

To see all the pink cards I made look back to the card club post.  I chucked them into envelopes before I got pics.  Too efficient this time!

And a wonderful surprise!  Thanks Em! 

I hope this doesn't find you sending and telling- or maybe I do.  I love to see what others create!
Happy Heart Day my Lovely Valentines!

Friday, February 11

Amazon gets me again

Why oh why do I even consider traveling to certain sites on the web that sell such beautiful things.  There's always something to pull me in and then BAM! They got me! I start throwing things into my cart with a complete lack of control.   And once it is heaped in my little e-cart, I take it to the e-register! 
Lucky for me I'm cheap.  No really.  I buy a lot, but I almost always get it on sale.  So Amazon made sure to email me when they had things on sale!  (Sigh)  So here are some recent purchases.
Stickers Galore!
Most were $1.50 each, 2 were $3.

Travel poster stickers ~ $5

I couldn't resist such beautiful reproductions.  They will be great for envelopes and to create my own cards and stationery.  I could afford these, but not Cavallini- love their retro stuff, but not the price. I put several Cavallini items into my e-cart but removed them at checkout.  I could already see the buyers remorse if they made it any further.

PC books for post crossing and other

Tiffany glass windows
(Sigh again)  I also took advantage of free shipping though it takes over a week to arrive, such is my penance for buying what I could live without, (but choose not to;  ).
My Best,

Thursday, February 10

Graphique de France

The other day I noticed a theme in my recent purchases of stationery.  Can you see it?

I know part of the reason I have been buying so Graphique de France is their beautiful stationery, but the other part is the easy accessibility at the local Marshall's store.  Many of my posts have involved their products. ( Dr. Suess, Paris, Girl's and Fun,  to name a few)
Apparently this is a fairly large stationery and journal store. But please don't covet thy neighbor's stationery, go buy your own!
Hope you notice something special in your mailbox soon!

Tuesday, February 8

Operation Write Home

At card club, I met a couple of gals who were on a mission!  Literally! They are part of a project called Operation Write Home.  They make cards for the troups to send home to their families.
The site also encourages folks to write letters to the troups.  They are delivered to soldiers who aren't getting much mail.  The letters are titiled to "Any Hero" which really fits.  So there are 2 ways to participate and allow you to choose which way is more comfortable for you. 
I am donating some supplies to the cause, but as my skills are rudimentary at best, I am also planning on sending a note or two of thank you!  But if you'd like to stop in and see the real pro's at work- take a look at
They are willing to help those wanting to follow in their footsteps, but they request you leave a comment at the blog.  There is an email attached to it, but admittedly, it is not checked very often!
Remember to send the love!

Monday, February 7

Card Club - Make it and Send it!

I saw a meet-up group that is about nothing but making cards. A vision of stationery popped into my head! Of stamps and ink pads!  Of  paper, beautiful bold prints, and subtle shades of neutral!  Of punches and scissors and cut-outs!  Of stickers and glitter!  Of wonderful talented individuals who could teach me about the traditional world of papercraft!  Folks who could answer my questions and help guide my creativity with practical knowledge.  Oh, how my thoughts danced, so I had to go.  The premise is easy, bring your projects to Panera and we will all work side by side and trade secrets and ideas.
Megan, the fearless organizer!
You have to love the exchange!

The mega sticky tool!
The fruits of our labor

The more basic ones (pink) are mine.
I'm learning about inks, products, and compositions.  In a later post I hope to tell you more about some of the projects we were working on - stay tuned!
Hope this helps you find something that inspires you to create!