Sunday, January 29

Why Do I Post Pictures of My Incoming Mail?

The title is the question and this is the answer.  I typically like to showcase the letters I receive for many reasons, but the first and foremost is that before I started to blog, I loved to see my letters on other folk's pages.  The sight of my mail and the words of joy expressed about my mailings from the recipient was enough to make my day!
I don't know if others feel this same pride/ thrill, but I am equal opportunity and like to put your work out there! 
And if you see it here, you know a response has or will be recieved soon!
A note from Tara- always full of surprises!

A letter in 3 postcards from CKB

A postcrossing and above is a self taken image
from a new blogger Emily

A lot of talent from Misty the Pen Thief

A postcrossing and sendsomething

From Troy- love the lively ink
A letter from a new friend

A letter from an old friend - see persistance pays!

A letter from Lucas
And Finally a few of my outgoing postcards.  These should have already been recieved so this will not spoil the surprise.

Well I hope this finds you all well and getting a steady stream of mail. 
My Best,


  1. Fantastic Mail, love the pics!

  2. I love to see letters on random blogs. It's a great inspiration and sometimes it's noce to see my own letter on someone's blog. Very nice feeling. :) I like the postcard from Emily. Going to check her blog right now. And by the way if you would like to get a pretty postcard from Polad come check my last post. There is a little contest going on. ;)
    Wish you lots of incoming mail this week!

  3. wow you're getting a lot of postcards/letters at a time! i'm still 3 months into PC, and have just begun direct swaps with other users. can't wait to build up my collection!

  4. I love looking at pictures of other people's incoming mail. It's inspiring. The visual cues help me come up with some stuff of my own. Also, sent you something today! :)

  5. Awwww cat and bunny!! *v* cute!!

  6. Nice mail!