Monday, December 31

Congrats Postcrossing!

Well its that time of year folks!  Time to let go of the old and in with the new.  A time to remember the things that made us happy, sad, and think from 2012. 
One cool thing I heard today was that Postcrossing hit 15 million postcards received today!  I know I contributed a few to that total. 

An excerpt from the email

"In case you're curious, postcard number 15 million was DE-1800737, registered today at 13:46 (UTC) by limoda in Italy. It had been sent by member schwarzer-mann in Germany, 21 days ago."

If you do not know what Postcrossing is, please take a moment to look into it.  I like the connection it brings to the world at large (or small, depending on how you look at it).

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 26

Recycling Christmas Cards

Hello all,
Now that Christmas has ended, what to do with all the cards and well wishes you received?  Some of them are quite beautiful and interesting!  I usually keep the cards that are written in or handmade, but the others, well those find new life! It's a shame to see them tossed into the trash or recycling bin.

Two ideas that I usually do
1) If the picture part is not written on, I will cut the card apart and utilize the cards as postcards or stationery for letters around the next Christmas season.
2) If the card can be easily taken apart and a new sentiment sheet put in, I will do that and "regift" them next year. 

For other wonderful ideas please check out this link to Martha Stewart Better Homes and Garden really did a good job, but you have to sign up to enter the site completely.
And if you want to go for the gusto!  My Grandma used to make these card bowls and then pack them with small goodies like gift baskets!  I wish we still had one of these, but after a few uses they usually get destroyed.

And for those not up for making new out of old, consider donating them outright to St. Jude's Ranch.  I have gotten my work to do this the last few years and I am proud to say my coworker takes it upon herself to package and send them every year.  Of Course, she always lets me pick through first for the ones I want to recycle.  I have dibs on a few already!

Hope this finds you well and crafty!


Monday, December 24

Happy Holidays!

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the holidays.  I would like to thank all the friends and families that helped me decorate my door this year!
 I have always hung the cards in a visible living space so I can be reminded of the love and good wishes of those who choose to connect their lives to mine.  I am sure a few more will find their way on to the door before we ring in 2013!
And remember to take some time to find your bliss.  I hope you are all as happy as my cat under the Christmas tree.  And even if you are by yourself this Christmas, remember we are all connected and may you find that moment of peace in your day that allows you to reflect on what makes you happy.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 22

The World Goes on and so Does This Blog!

Hello all! 
I think this is the longest I have gone between posts!  Well I hope I can get back in the swing and bring you some fun and exciting material for your reading delight! 
The last 2 weeks were filled with lots of travel and visiting and food, especially food.  If I see another cookie . . .
Anyway, part of the travels involved thrift stores.  I have my Mom hooked now and she asked a few times if I wanted to stop at this one or that one.  Unfortunately smaller town thrift stores do not turn over as quickly and tend to have less "good stuff". 
But I managed to find a few things . . .
 My Mom asked, "Who needs 200 old security envelopes?"  Well I do of course especially when they are purple on the inside.  I had never een purple security envelopes before!!!  And I am willing to share, so just let me know if you want a few.
 Then there was this gem!  A very vintage and very awesome set of Valentines.  I cannot even tell you how excited I was to find these. 
Here's the back.  I hope when I open the package they will be as awesome as I hoped for! 
Until the next installment, I hope this finds you all happy and ready for a bright new year!
My Best,

Monday, December 10

Stamp Love

Have you all been watching the Beyond the Perf site for the upcoming new releases?  I have to say that I have been fond of quite a few of these stamps but, so far my new favorite is the mix of modern art.

I always like the colors and cannot wait to use these!  Of course I can't wait to use most of my stamps so this is nothing new; )
Something to Look forward to,

Sunday, December 9

Crafting Day!

It has been a rainy, dreary day full of cleaning and making.  What did I make?

They are a little labor intensive but a great way to use up tiny bits of paper.  I like to mix up security envelopes and a bold other colored paper to make it more eye catching. 
I'm slightly addicted, but I suppose it could be worse!

Saturday, December 8

Involved {in] Mail

Thought I would gather the in's and put them up for your enjoyment.
This letter is from Lucas!  Check him out at Lucas Writes.
 Mendy contributed to states collection!
 From Juli, the postcard queen!
 On going Project Runway dialogue with LR. 
 from Christi, using up the stamps!
 CKB - nice letter and calligraphy!
 From Gina, a letter that was inspired by my postcrossing profile
 A nice package from Malyss, with a great reproduction Post Office scene.
Patty!  She lives and is doing origami to hold all the goodies she sends.
 A made postcard from JK.  This is the Chihuly museum.  I love the oceans of glass!
 A new contributor Lynn from Sendsomething.  Check out her blog for some good collaging.
 From Potato!  It's been almost a year since we met on postcrossing.
 Thanks to postcrossing for adding to my states collection.
 2 postcards - one from Russia and one from Canada.  I think you can figure out which is which!
 From the Netherlands.  A class of kids is learning geography via postcards.
 Another postcard from the Netherlands with the amazing postcrossing stamp!!!!
 A letter from the wolf-pup on her travels in Belgium.  Man am I behind in my responses!  This was sent before the Letter Social in Harrisburg.
 And finally, arriving just in time!  My friends beautiful children drew me menorah's in time for their celebration of Hanukkah.  Love it!

Hope this finds your season bright and mailbox heavy with mail.

Friday, December 7

It's That Time of Year Again

Hello all,
Sorry for the gap between posts, but I have been enjoying the sights

and crafts of the holiday season

And sending lots of mail! 
I'll try to be better about posting but that may not occur till after the New Year as long as the world does not end in the meantime . . .
Happy Mail!

Saturday, December 1


Hello friends, acquaintances, and random passersby!
My increased activity in postcrossing this last month is really showing on the inbox! 
 A nice letter from NB.  Terschelling is one of her most favorite places on Earth.
 An English garden!
 So shiny, I could not get it to photo well but I really like this art card from Russia.
 Germany - apparently the postcrosser walks this path often.
 Umbrellas from Hong Kong.  I am not sure, but I think this a photo the sender took along the street.  Still awaiting a reply to confirm.
 Turkish tile from Turkey!  It reminds me of all the fabulous tilework in Fonthill!  I hope to go back this month and see all the Christmas decorations in the castle.
 Tried and tried to get this to photo better but the picture is very hazy even in focus.  From Germany
 Kid art from Russia.  The kid who won this competition was 5yrs old - that's some good drawing for that age!
 Mixed media from Michigan. 
 From Finland.   The knot is actually a piece of modern artwork.  It was made during the time when people argued what it art.
 A nice letter from Troy
 A card from the Ukraine.  I think there must be a lot of postcrossers in Kyiv
 The Post Muse sent a letter before the social that I just got this week.  Huh?  I am not sure why there was such a delay as we live in the same state.

This was from  a postcrosser that found me on Sendsomething.  The funny thing was this was a new card I picked up this time across Ohio and is my new favorite!  I grew up in our old barn.  After I went to college it burned down and I cried like I lost my house.  Hopefully those in Ohio who can, will start preserving these structures.  The one we had was filled with hand hewn beams and they used wood pegs to join the larger rafters instead of metal.  What history! 
 A nice letter from Tara at Hello Life.  I like to send out much loved stationery for my pen pals to write me back on and in this case I also included the postage because I wanted that particular stamp sent to me!
 My aunt always sends a card for every holiday! 
 This letter is from Kendall and the stationery is a set of Polaroid looking cards!
Last but not least is a nice package from Lou!  She found a bunch of goodies at the thrift stores that she decided to share with all her pen friends.

Until next time, keep writing!

Friday, November 30

Good Haul!

I do not know why my internet was so confuddled these last few days, but today it was all fine and dandy.  Good thing, I was getting ready to call and "play" dumb till they fixed it.  But instead I was rewarded for ignoring the problem all together, hmm, maybe not the best precedence.
Anyway, onward and upward to some exciting finds.  I have to make a long drive to visit the family in Ohio for the holidays.  When I do, I always make a point to stop at the different travel plazas along Interstate 80.  Each of them has different postcards for sale!  And while many of you were pushing and shoving for pole position on Black Friday, I talked my Mom into going to thrift stores and scored the Ohio book of postcards.
I also found this interesting set of wooden postcards.
I will let you know how they mail as I sent one out today and asked the recipient to let me know the condition of the card!
Tomorrow I expect to be up to my old shenanigans so beware!

Wednesday, November 28

Stay Tuned . . .

Technical difficulties are preventing me from posting much again.  And I have lots of ideas!  Awesomeness awaits.  .  .  . or at least delusions of grandeur.  You'll be the judge.

Meanwhile, when do you all start sending holiday cards?  Does anybody have a timeline?  Mine is anything after Thanksgiving.  Until we cross that time threshold, I have no interest in hearing about anything that has to do with Christmas.

Saturday, November 24

Update on my Staionery Addiction

Awhile back I had said I would stop buying all the cheap stationery up.  There is no reason to be greedy, but so much of what I find/ found is at second hand shops and the money goes to good causes, so its extra hard to say no. 
But no is what I have said on countless times, still these are the most recent items I have added to the stash. 
My Mom got these for me.  I have to tell her to resist the urge to buy thrifty items for me as well! 
These 3 I purchased in a local thrift store.  All were 50cents each and the middle is a really cool tablet of travel stationery that looks like it came from the 1960's.
This was from the same place.  Much more recent, but each sheet has a different image and saying on it! 
So far, I am keeping my paper addiction to a minimum.  Hopefully as I whittle done my stash, I will be able to start making more and more of my own creations!

But just because I have limited myself on buying does not mean you should!  Make sure to shop at your local stationery and thrift stores!

Happy Paper!