Saturday, January 7

You Will Not Believe This Book!

I was not sure how to title this.  I have recieved many wonderful things in the mail over the last year, but the book I am about to reveal was the best book I got this year.  When I got the book and actually looked at it, well few items made me want to hug random strangers in the post office like this did : )
Malyss (her blog) and I have been corresponding for some time now.  We both had the same idea this year, show some love and send a book (expensive though it was).  She found this wonderous beauty! 
This book answers the question of what would happen if you gave a group of art students in Paris, France the assignment of making mail art.  They came up with some awesome paper crafts!  And many of the paper crafts are not too hard to reproduce.
One of the projects within!
Now after you pick up your jaw and shake off some of your envy, I have something great to share . . .ready . . .I feel as though the best way I can share this book with you,  is by recreating the mail projects within its pages step by step so you can see them for yourself!  Something like this, really should be shared with the world, (or at least our mail loving esoteric community).
The first project is the one pictured above.  I couldn't resist the drama, though it lacks practicality.  I thought one of my friends children would adore it, thus the butterfly theme.

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A blank card with some hand scrolling on the front of it. 


Add layers and layers of cut outs.  It is best if you use thinner and lighter paper as cardstock is too heavy and weighted.  Unfortunately, mineis a wee bit flat because of the lack of lighter weight papers, but I am still very happy with the turn out!


Thread bind it.  I used some old metallic thread here.  And finally, embellish to your hearts content!
I have no doubt that when this springs out of the envelope, the kids (toddlers) will love it!  And really that is what it is all about. 
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  1. I'm so glad you enjoy it! and the pleasure will last as long as you'll try each method and each kind of mail art presented here..

  2. What a fascinating book, and what a wonderful project you're embarking on. I can't wait to see what follows.