Thursday, December 30

Toasting the New Year

How about a stationery toast for the New Year!

Gotta love stationery, it always says the right thing! If not on the outside, than on the inside when you send your love.

Hope you all have a happy and safe New Year!

Tuesday, December 28

Presents in the Mailbox

I love my friends.  They really know me and though it can be rather easy to get gifts for a mail addict, I have them trained to not buy me stationery as I buy enough myself!  But there are days they listen and days they don't listen.  But when they don't listen, it's usually because they know me better.  I was recently surprised by gifts that my wise friends decided to send me. 
My darling Carrie sent me this gorgeous work tote to hold my stationery projects.  She did excellent with this beauty!  Not only was she the only to listen and not get me stationery, she made it easier for me to travel with my mail addiction and send her more letters! She also got me some beautiful paper to experiment with and hopefully I'll be able to make some interesting and unique things to send back to her!
My beautiful Ashley sent me this hilarious souvenir called PooPoo Paper.  It is handcrafted paper made from elephant poo.  She got the items at the San Diego Zoo!  The paper is made in Thailand and a portion of its sale goes to elephant conservation efforts.  No worries, as advertised it doesn't smell!

My wonderful Breanne sent me a box of scrapbooking pieces and a very interesting set of stationery made in Egypt.  They are stitched and made from hand made paper.  They are the kind of unusual stationery that make me eager to travel the world and see more!  She also sent me some postcards for postcrossing and some pictures with stories behind them.

 And finally, my mom combined my love of stationery with my love of quilts.  This year's gift was much better than some of the previous ones that I've received from my family and worth a mention and a thanks.  (Oh I'm sorry these were actually from Santa and in my stocking- gotta love Mom!)  

Everybody did well and I am thankful for having such wonderful people in my life. I enjoyed all my gifts, though I say again- please don't get me stationery (unless it's really, really cool). 
I hope this finds you all happy with your gifts!

Monday, December 27

Some Sweet Postcards

Recently I got to take a business trip to Hershey, PA.  They put me up in the swank Hotel Hershey and like most stationery addicts, I rifled through the drawers and found the complimentary stationery set and there were some gems!

These old reproduction postcards were beautiful and a unique gift to the Hotel's guest. And since it was my first visit I got 2 complimentary chocolate bars instead of the one they usually give out.  I'm sure that recently moving from the same area in Indiana as my hostess in no way swayed this decision, but it's always nice to find a reminder of home when you are far from it! 
Unfortunately I did not get to go downtown Hershey and see the sites that make it so famous, but I am <2hr from where I live now, so I am sure this is not the first time I will visit the sweetest place on earth!
Hope this finds you all well and happily mailing!

Monday, December 20

My Real Fridge- the Christmas Edition

As of 12-20-2010, this is my refrigerator!  I have to say I expect this baby to be covered by the end of the holiday season, and knowing my friends, I will recieve the last holiday card in early January.  I would bet on that!  But just wait till I show you some the fabulous things they decided to send me!!!  Anticipation.  And with that I won't be posting any more till after Christmas. 
I wish you all safe travels and a happy holiday!

Sunday, December 19

Christmas Threw Up on the Farm

First off, I'd like to say I'm not a huge Christmas person.  I don't believe I need a holiday to prompt me into sending out love and cheer, nor do I feel bound to give gifts at this time.  Don't get me wrong, I love to send out care packages, but I do them when I feel like it.  My friends will tell you, they love to get things out of the blue and just because I saw something that made me think of them!  I also think the true meaning of the holiday has lost its way, and I'd rather have joy, generosity, and general sunshininess in my heart every day of the year, not just Dec. 25th.  I feel the same about sending out cards, Christmas is great, but what's really truly wonderful, is sending out notes to folks just because you wanted to say "hi, you are in my thoughts" and not because its a socially EXPECTED norm for a holiday season.  
(On to my story, sorry about the tangent)
Since my arrival in Eastern Pennsylvania, I have been making a few friends.  Not so easy when your main hobby is writing letters- a generally solitary activity.  So when I got the call to go out to a Christmas display with a group of great ladies, of course I accepted. We drove to Bernville, PA in the Blue Mountains to see a 60 yr old Christmas display on a farm .   The farm is no longer a working farm but is the home of a gigantic Christmas extravaganza. I was warned to dress in layers as the exhibits were outside and the we followed a path with a few hundred other sight seers that snaked through about 3 acres of lights. 
Much to my eyes amazement there were lights, lights and cold everywhere.  They also had 5 warming stations with items for purchase which is where I found these nifty postcards for sale!

I really liked the little vignettes they had made into the out buildings (the chicken coop was Santa's Workshop, the milk house was a winter wonderland, etc).  If Christmas could throw up, I'm pretty sure this is what it would look like!
All in all we had a good cold time!  And I got some terrific postcards for postcrossing.  I'm not sure I would brave the cold to do it again next year, but it was definitely a site to see and a tradition for many of my fellow local Penn staters.
Hopefully the holidays will bring you plenty of cheer that will make your whole year Christmas!

Thursday, December 16

Post Crossing's Newest Member

I held out.  I really did.  I didn't think I would get much enjoyment from sending postcards, but one nights I got bored and surfed over to the Postcross site.  All my favorite blogs postcross, and though I'm not one to jump on the wagon, (actually far from it) I am one to notice that everybody likes something because it might be good!
Well here are the facts:
1) Postcrossing tries to keep some privacy, and you don't have to put a return address on your postcards. BUT they do give out yours, so if you are really paranoid, consider a P.O. Box, (although I am toying with that, just so I can open up the blog to receive mail.  I know Katz did a post on crazy mail, but I just like my hobby and life separate).
2) You may send things other than postcards.  And if you are like me that's great, as I still can't get my stationery collection and buying under control.  And I truly want to experiment with making!  All these equal needing folks to send things to.

These are recent purchases.  That's right $1 and more Paris!
3) You are guaranteed to receive something back!  That's one thing I have been lacking from my friends. (Sorry guys! You know who you are. I love you all, but most are not good about the responding!)
4) You are only allowed to access to a limited number of addresses at a time. Which means you can't get a head of yourself .  You will have to complete your tasks before getting more AND that keeps you honest!

Check it out.  It may not be for you, but maybe it is.  And maybe I'll get to send you something!
I hope this finds you all happily mailing!

Tuesday, December 14

And the Winners Are . . . .

Drum roll Please!!!!
All participants were entered into a blind drawing (the old names in a hat) and 2 were produced.  One winner for the US/ Canada drawing and one for the international crew!
The winners are Valerie W. who I want to point out has been with me from the beginning!
And Credo, who is new.  So I will be in contact with both.
I still encourage you all to send Caitlin "Thank You's" for sponsoring the Give Away!
And now on to conquer the next task, Christmas Cards!
Hope this finds you all happily mailing,

Sunday, December 12

Giving it the Most

For those of you who have been following along, you should know that the final day is tomorrow.  All entries must be received by Monday 10PM Eastern Standard Time. All you have to be is a follower of this blog. If you are a member of this blog and from a country other than the USA, you need to declare this in an e-mail or as a comment after this blog.  So far I only have a handful in this drawing, so good odds!
Here is another item in the international care package drawing.
Stickers and my favorite binding tape.  I use the tape to embellish many an envelope!
I hope this finds you all excited and happily mailing!

Saturday, December 11

More Ways to Spend Your Gift Certificate!

I must say, I have been pleassantly surprised at the following I am getting!  Thank you so much. For anybody still wanting to get entered in the Give-Away, please check out these details.
I know we couldn't have this give away without the support and help of CSN.  Caitlin was the one to contact me first, and I was truly flattered!  I wanted to do something special for her, so I asked for her work address to send "Thank You's".  SO here it is folks.  Please join me and send her some happy mail.
CSN Stores LLC
Attn: Caitlin Edwards
177 Huntington Ave.
Suite 6000
Boston, MA 02115

Also in the second care package, for my international followers, I have included some tiny notes.  These are great for care packages and gift tags, and just fun.  The envelope under is to give you a size reference.

So please take some time to send Cait a bit of mail love.
Tuesday's the big day, good luck all! 

Friday, December 10

Giveaway Still Going Strong- 4 Days to Sign-Up

Hello all,
So those who look at my blog on a regular basis, may have noticed I missed a day.  I had pledged to blog daily about what you can get with you $35 gift certificate from CSN Stores (See HERE for details).  Well I have no great excuse except life got in the way!  When your job is not a 9-5, things can go awry.  And I certainly call yesterday a day that went crazy.
So today I am pointing you towards one of the funnest places to shop in the CSN network.
For the international prize, I am featuring a beautiful memo pad and board. 

I had to get it because of the stamp pattern.

Hope this finds you dreaming big and life not being too crazy for you!
My Bests,

Wednesday, December 8

Giving to the Furry Children

Many of you have met my little helper.  She is a gorgeous cat I got as a scraggly little kitten and probably the best pet who's ever owned me.

So today's pick on ways to spend your money is on your pets.  Try to remember them this holiday season!  And if you can, please consider adopting instead of buying a pet, even if you want a certain breed.  The most recent numbers from the Humane Society are 25% of all relinquished pets are purebreds- something to consider.  And off the soap box I step.
For the out of country folks, here is the next item in the consolation prize giveaway.

I really liked them and both are artisan cards.  One is from a trip to the American Southwest (sand art) and the other is a card I sent away for from an artist when I was in college- way back when.  I have no intentions of using them myself, so I hope their future owner will send them out into the world, but if not, I'm sure they will have a stationery loving home!

I hope this finds you all well and writing lots!

Tuesday, December 7

Giving it all Away!

Day 3 of the hype and I have a feeling not many new folks are viewing this blog- sigh- so more for those who've been with me since the beginning!  Yay!
In the Northern Hemisphere it has been rather chilly.  The US has been hit with its fair share of lake effect snow and cold.  So today's pick for a way to spend your the $35 gift certificate being given away in a drawing next week (see Sunday post for details) is a blanket to keep warm with.  Right now I have 2 on me and about 20 candles burning.  Once my hands thaw, I will try to write my letter for the day!
For the consolation prize I have thrown in a few fold overs.  These are all circa 1960-70's and inherited from my Grandmother.  Not only do I have my own stationery I've collected, but I have tons of inherited and hand-me-down items. 
How can you not love these vintage pieces?  My Grandmother was really into fold overs, hmm I feel a future post coming on.
Hope this finds you all well and happily mailing!

Monday, December 6

Give-Away Keeps on Giving

Day 2 of the sweepstake and I can feel the excitement, not really, but I can feel the sugar! The holiday treats have started pouring in at work.  As Mondays are always crazy in my world. I will have to make this short. I just wanted to give you a taste of what your $35 can buy.  If you are like me and you like to cook, than click on the linked word and take a look around.  I have seen several mailers put recipe cards on the back of their mailings, a thought for the cooks who write.
The second item in the international consolation prize are

 these 2  fabulous cards from Nepal.  I used to have a Barnes and Noble around the corner from me, which is where you can find these beautiful cards.  I will include the "story" page pictured above with them too!
Hope this finds you well and excited about mail!

Sunday, December 5

My First Give Away- $35 gift certificate and some

Hello all,
So I've had some previous posts discussing the generosity of CSN stores approaching me to host a give-away.  Their money, my blog and time- all for you, my current handful of blog viewers!
One thing that made me sad and that is ONLY US and Canadian citizens can win the gift certificate, so I have decided to throw in a small care pack of my own for a winner from a country outside of these.  That's right folks- 2 prizes!!!!
The Rules:
- Be a follower of the Blog.  (All of you already following are entered, and currently have great odds of winning!)
- Declare your country, (if not obvious), in a comment below or any blog posts this week.
- Winner will be notified via e-mail, so make sure I can get that info from your blog, email me through this sites email link, or post it below so I have it.  Just PLEASE make sure its easy to find.
- Do not try to thank CSN on its FB site, I will make sure we get an address for thanks to be sent to.  (After all, we are all mail junkies and this is another reason to send something!)
-You have 1 week + a few.  The official drawing will be done on Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 in the A.M.  I will announce the winner that Tuesday after my work day is done.  (Sorry Monday's usually a long day for me, not enough time then).

Meanwhile, check out their amazing inventory.  CSN is comprised of over 200 online stores, where you can find everything from a counter stool for your kitchen to a new mailbox for your house.  Pull up a stool and hope on-line to for a view  I will post one of their many shopping sites daily so you can see ways to spend your gift certificate.  Oh, but wait there's more!  I will also reveal an item, daily, from the care package I will be sending out!
And because no posts is complete without a picture, here's the first item in the care package!
A Warhol inspired Hershey Kiss Journal.  I live very close to Hershey, PA were they make the candies.
Here's the inside.  Love the Kiss in the corner! 
I hope this finds you all excited and those following the blog silently, will come forward to claim your chance at a great prize!
Happy Mailing!

Saturday, December 4

Stick Figures in Stationery

This weeks awesome stationery was a cheap little find at the Marshall Home Goods store.  They have such intriguing stuff and tend to have it in limited quantities.  I found these Great Moments in Literature stick figure style cards and couldn't say no.   Though I really need to learn that word!

Again with the magnificent finds!  I really need to get this habit under control, but it would make such boring posts if I did.  SO my curse is your viewing pleasure.

I hope this finds you enjoying the magic of the season.
Happy Mailing,

P.S If you get stuck, just ask!  I'll be happy to clue you in on which books are the subject of the pictures.

Thursday, December 2

Stationery, Je' Taime!

I have this thing for Paris.  It's a small thing, well maybe a minor obsession, but nothing more!  I have never been there and the most French I can say is "croissant", but there is something lovely about the Eiffel Tower and the Parisian landscape.  But of course, my admiration extends beyond watching French films to collecting Paris themed stationery, (or quite frankly I couldn't call myself a stationery addict!)

These butes have sparkle and glam written all over !  And a glitter pen will put it inside of them too.

A bit more subtle, but lovely none the less!  And the stationery box is a work of art itself!

Can you find the French?  Some of the print is French words in the background, I love these envelopes.  It's nice to see a stationery designer actually do something with the envelopes for once instead of leaving them plain white. Although there is something to be said for a white canvas . . .
Until the day comes when I can visit this lovely country and have the romantic visions replaced by reality, I will have to be contented with sending my hoarded French themed notes out to my friends.  And writing utterly French words like Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon in them. (Now wine and writing- well that's a different post for a different day!)
I hope this finds you wee-weeing my sentiments and not drinking and writing too much! 
Au chante'

Wednesday, December 1

Random Thoughts About Mail!

I have the holidays on the brain. This is probably a common issue among many folks out there.  And before I go to far into my ramblings- Happy Hanukkah!  I'm told its not a huge holiday in the Jewish religion, but it starts today, so have a great holiday celebration!
My second ramblings regard the Mail Art 365, a wonderful project launched by My Real Wall.  Several folks jumped on the band wagon.  I opted to wait mostly due to newness to this subject.  I pledge now I will sign up next year if the repeat the experiment, but I have yet to find my creative groove and am actually suffering from major creativity block this week.  My prettiest card of the entire fall was well, pretty, but lacked a certain...artsyness.  SO I will keep experimenting and see how things fall.

And finally, this weekend there should be a big announcement about a giveaway.  Yes I've accepted the offer for a corporate sponsored give-away.  I was flattered to be chosen and hope one of the few who read this will get a great gift and for those not eligible for the give-away due to location (will be for US and Canadian residents only), I will have a consolation prize of my own making to be shipped to you!  So technically, it will be 2 drawings.  Why not? Tis the holiday season!
I hope this finds you all happily mailing!