Friday, January 6


Have you ever dumpster dove?  Scoured the trash bins at work?  Pulled something off the top of the trash can and pocketed it?  Let us all be honest here, we are among friends.  Well the other day, I snagged this from traveling to the land fill.
Side of a beer box

What?!?  I am not a beer drinker, preferring wine as my main form of alcohol, and had not seen these fun bits of design until they were in front of me at the dumpster.  Go Land Shark!  Thanks for encouraging the lost art of writing!  I would encourage you to send a postcard of thanks to them, but their own website issues did not allow me to find a contact address.

And what a pretty pop-up card!  I saw it on top at the post office trash can.  I do not know what the recipient had against the sender, but I can see a repurposing opportunity going on here. 
The below postcards are made from ad bits
Wanda sends me royal bits and I love using them.  
I still have a bit to refine my style, but I find the cutting up of ads very therapeutic and hopefully with enough time and honing I will be content with my efforts.  Though I am sure the recipients do not mind my experimentation, and if they do, nobody is mentioning anything : )

Anybody else want to share their recent trash-ortunities?

Keep Creating and Be Happy,


  1. Dumpster diving is great fun -- and love the watch collage...

  2. I already found books, small furniture, old letters... never postcards! :(
    i like the Kate's postcard!

  3. I have too. It used to be when somebody would move out of an apartment, they would dump so much instead of taking it to goodwill, so I would swoop in and take what I wanted. Recently it was a brand new Kitchen Aid Teapot.

  4. Love dumpster diving and repurposing magazines, junk mail, inserts, etc.!

  5. Oh I love dumpster diving. Someone's trash my treasure. The best two things I found was a big box full of used Christmas cards and a huge bag full of shredded paper. I already recycled the cards for the past X-mas and still have supplies for few more years.

    Oh and the shredded paper is giving me endless quilling fun.