Sunday, July 28

MIA - Where oh Where did the Snailmailer go?

Hello all! 
I hope this finds each and every one of you doing well!
I know some of you have noticed my lack of blogging and while this is something I want to correct, the near future holds much craziness.  Recently, I started working at another facility to help out on top of my day job, gardening, yard work, and dealing with family issues that continue to demand a lot of my thoughts.

One of today's labor of love!  Home canned tomatoes
Until things settle, I will count the Make Something Monday Projects that I wanted to post, and when the season slows, I hope to be back and show them. I am also going to open postings up to my mail friends and you.  If you have an idea or have always wanted to try blogging without committing to a blog, consider contacting me.  I will still control content, but I have long learned collaboration yields more than a one woman show. My email is thesnailmailer(at)gmail
Let me know and until the next post, please be safe and happy!


Wednesday, July 17

Allentown Paper Show

Hello all!
I thought I would let you know about an event I am attending this weekend (or hope to attend as nothing is for certain till it is done!).  I read about vintage paper fairs on other blogs and one day I accidentally stumbled on this!
Apparently Allentown, a few cities over, has one as well!  So now I can stop lusting after others finds and go make some of my own!  I will try to post more if I get a chance to attend.  Right now its looking to be a very strong possibility as long as a few more details fall into place!

My Best,

Sunday, July 14

Make Something Monday: Security Dots

Hey guys!
Sorry for the lack in blogging, but I had extra work this week and its the start of preserving the garden!
This is an easy project but I got it stuck in my mind and until it was done, I knew it would tug at me.  You ever have that?
Gather the basics of scissors, glue, security envelopes, leftover card stock, and a circle punch - size is up to you.

Before you start laying the circles down, glue 2 strips of security envelopes down.

Then simply layer the dots.  I like the effect and I want to try it with the smaller dots.  I had tried to do a large dot, small dot but it looked bad.  I may go back to that idea but in a different layering pattern.  Anyway, I think you could apply these dots to collage envelopes or along the edge of a sheet of plain stationery.
Enjoy the ideas!

Sunday, July 7


I hope this finds everybody well and writing a lot of letters!  I am going to be traveling for most of Monday as I drive back from a long weekend of family gatherings and visiting.  Many of you who write to me on a routine basis know my father has had serious health problems and part of this trip was to help my Mom work the farm while visiting.  This said, it may take me a bit of time to get my Make Something Monday projects up this week as I return to a busy work week already in progress. 
Meanwhile feel free to post a connection below to one of your favorite projects that you've already done or want to do soon! 

Happy writing and wishing you a lot of mail!

Wednesday, July 3

FYI - Sale

Hello all,
This is more of an FYI to all of you who like art supplies and cheap stationery.  I happened to stop in at the Micheals store this last weekend to find they had a bunch of items for 70% off.  Now I do not know if this is all stores or if mine was in the midst of reorganizing its shelves. 
I purchased wonderful spray inks, a few rubber stamps, and miscellaneous supplies at this price.  I also found some real gems in their cheap stationery area.  Unfortunately the camera is at work so no images of the bounty.  I  posted this because I think it is definitely worth stopping in to your local store to see!

My best and happy Independence Day America!  I am off to visit family for awhile.  Make Something Monday may be late next week, but that's next week and I am trying to take one day at a time these days!


Monday, July 1

MSM- Collage Postcards

This last weekend I decided to work through some projects out of the Collage Workbook.  I do not consider myself overtly proficient in this area, so i thought it would be fun and a nice challenge!  Plowman hosts a blog called Collage a Day that I linked to the left in my blogroll.

Instead of a how-to, I will give the Project and materials I used.
Below are the 5 minute collage challenge
Above: collage of images from my 365 Ireland calendar.
Titled: Windows and made from security envelopes and a paint advertisement.
Titled: Security and used the Ninja image and security envelopes.
Titled: Questioning Weight from ads, grocery list and pre punched bits I had laying around.
Titled: Too Much TV and Processed Foods Kill form a can label, HBO listings, security envelope and a playing card.
Below is the all White Project
No real title.  I didn't like this as well since i lack vintage papers to pull it off.
Try a collage today!  I will show you somw more attempts as I get along!

Happy creating!