Friday, December 30

More Incoming Surprises!

Hello folks,
I have gotten way behind in my letter writing and will be off for my final adventure of this year in a few hours.  Another friend to visit, another way to celebrate the New Year!  But I wanted to get up the pics of some mail I have recieved and responded to before I went.  The stack of to be responded too is larger than I would like at this time, but I'll get there in the new year : )

A Egyptogram from Nancy
From Kimi - I like the trees throughout

From Matthew - plain doesn't matter as long as its a letter!

C. K. B - a cherished pen friend

My good bud Carrie sent me a Christmas pack filled with Vintage Fold-Overs! 
Carrie's present last year was my much loved craft organizer bag.  She and I have been friends for a long time and are probably going to Washington D.C. together this Spring!

An old letter I found from Misty, fell behind the stand were responded to mail lands!

Postcrossing and a thank you from my everyday life

A nice Christmas stash from D.F.

A terrific handmade postcrossing! 
It's funny that you start something like this blog, only to find that others have a similar interests.  Suus made this and was excited it was for me as she already found the blog due to our similar paper interests.  She has a fun mail blog as well -link

Juli has moved to warmer weather!
Well my fellow mail hounds, I need to shift this day into a higher gear, if I am to accomplish much before I head West!
My Best!

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