Friday, October 28

Fun Recycled Materials!

Hello all,
It's been a bit in the making but here it is folks - the winner of the recycling blogoversary challenge!  First I'd like to say that I tend to like advertising and the re-use of daily household items.  I also like a challenge and the chance to inspire others through my actions.  I think I achieved all these goals with this competition.
First - Daily items were re-purposed and sent as mail by all who entered!
Second - I am challenged to make items as beautiful as the ones I received
Third - Many of my coworkers were caught ogling and touching the merchandise (which was encouraged!), and I heard them say how much they liked to receive mail but never got any anymore.  My comment back is that to get a letter, somebody needs to send one, so perhaps they should start the chain reaction!  And yesterday, one of my coworkers said "I want to mail this to my daughter"- referring to a piece of mail we had received with an illustration on the front!  Score 1 for me!

On to the contestants!!!!
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VaGirl sent my this creation of 2 sweet treats.  The back is from a Hershey's cookie and cream white chocolate bar.  The paper is calendar of some sorts.  VaGirl is new to the world of mail art and I hope she continues as this envie is stunning!

This really was not and entrant in the contest, but when Annabell's postcard arrived amidst the early part of the competition, I thought it was a great display of recycling and threw her postcard into the old hat.

Marian is a student and fellow PA'er.  She did an envelope out of a bicycle magazine and paper was from a calendar!
Emily at Winnie's Girl sent a gobstopper candy box with a wonderful booklet made from her favorite beer boxes! 
Kimi sent this nice treat of matching envelope and paper from a Trader Joe's grocery bag.  I have never been to a Trader Joe's but I love the graphics!

Lisa made a whole lot of wonderfulness to send my way!  The envelope and paper were from a clue game and the postcard was a compilation of the a recent bath and body ad and various other recycled pieces.  I too saw the ad and thought cool graphics, but what would I do with it - well now I see!
My dear Malyss sent me 2 postcards that she made from recycling various papers.  I think the ladies really liked them and the stamps.  They were shocked to see the French stamps.  It seemed so rare to them to get mail, let alone from France!  She may have opened some eyes on that one.  Malyss has a pictorial blog.
And finally, one of my favorites just because of it's sheer simplicity, is a recycled stamp postcard from Katherine in Great Britain!  I somehow think its beauty was lost on my coworkers.  I'm not sure they realized the stamps were real!

And the winner is #6 - Emily  from Winnie's Girl Blog!  One of the comments I received was "Beer and Candy, Yummy!"  Everybody will receive a thank you and at least a single piece of stationery for their own use.  Emily will get to choose her own gift package!

I hope this has made you all smile and think, "I could do that!"
Here's to having fun with mail!


  1. I love Katherine's entry. Butterflies are such beautiful creatures!

  2. Oh Dear, I see my blog links aren't showing up very well! VaGirl and Winnie's girl are linked and will take you to their blogs! Just hover and you'll find them.

  3. Congratulations Emily!
    Wow, I think all the entries are awesome! Thanks for the great post Becky!

  4. My own favorite would have been Lisa. Congrats to Winnie, I read her blog and I know she likes beer! :o) she even makes her own!
    BTW, did you receive my postcards "from Paris"?
    Have a nice week-end!

  5. Quote: "I heard them say how much they liked to receive mail but never got any anymore."

    You're so right - they have to take the initiative to mail out something first! Everyone should use the postal system more - otherwise it'll soon be a thing of the past! Postal systems the world over are losing money; it's the same here in Singapore. :(