Friday, January 21

Ways to Spend a Cold Weekend In

Oh the beauty of snow!  It covers everything and makes the world look clean and simple.  But it's also cold, and usually more pleasant to gaze at it for awhile than be out in it. 
Although I was a bit bummed this week as I had not received much mail. I have limited time to check my PO box and right now Friday is my main day.  So I trekked out in the snow to run a few errands and low and behold . . . .

Postcards- postcrossing from China and one from Christi, who is kindly "feeding my mailbox"!

A letter from Margaret, a long time friend who lives in Canada

A fold and seal from Rachel B. who has her own mail blog.

A whole letter plus from a postcrosser out of the Czech Republic!
These definitely warmed my spirits and gave me a good reason to stay in and correspond back!  I am certainly glad I left my postcrossing account open to whatever people want to send, because I sure enjoy the occasion gem like this : )
I hope all your mailboxes are getting fed properly with good wholesome letters and not just junk mail!

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