Monday, January 24

The 4th Fold-N-Seal

The 4th week of the Fold-N-Seal January.  To recap for those just joining us, I decided to make a new piece of stationery a week and send it to a different person each week.  This month was FoldOver month (or fold and send, fold and seal, basically a piece of post that is folded with no envelope and sent).

simplicity is the best with a foldover

It's about the size of one of those square cards.
Rachel B. asked me in a letter, what inspired me my obsession with the foldover.  Well I have 3 reasons. 
1) I inherited a bunch of them and I don't like the traditional fold and mails, they don't have enough room usually to really write anything.  But I see the potential to make something amazing.
2) They are rather green.  There is no extraneous paper in the form of an envelope so no added waste.
3) Most of the tradition seal-and-send's are open on the ends so they can't carry anything, which was something I worked on with other designs.
This is the final, to go out.  Rachel has a mail blog too.
I found some more of my grandmothers old seal-and-send's.  These are so old, the stickers are just falling off the page and the binding is falling apart.

Aren't they pretty?
 Gotta love the vintage!
Hope this finds you all happily mailing!

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  1. That is so cool! Now I'll have to stake out my P.O. Box for the letter. Happy fold and seal month!