Sunday, January 23

Ways to Spend a Cold Weekend In: Outgoing

Well the weekend started off with the letters in, so now I have some of the letters going out.  And thought you all might like to take a peak.  Sorry if anybody peaks before they receive! 
I liked the simplicity of candy.  Something sweet for my friend's mailbox.
I'm also hugely into fabric. I do some sewing but I am Jr. High level at best despite being in my 30's.

Ink embellishment to make it look like patchwork.  Jessica writes the Snail Mail Aficionado Blog.
A little recycling project with turning the last of some gorgeous wrapping paper into envelopes and embellishing.

Some random leftovers from stickers I was using to make an interesting design.

this is what's left after the stickers are used

this is scrapbooking sticker border remnants
Chinese anybody?
An old joke about Chinese not being filling.  Hope E gets it!

I had a dog gone good time making these.

Well I hope this finds you all keeping warm and creative for the cold winter months!
I know these folks will appreciate the warmth that comes from reading a good letter, even if it is only in their heart!
Leaving a paper trail,

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  1. The Chinese menu you used it so colorful, I'll have to save one next time I go for Chinese. I have that same stamp design in notecards. I love the vintage look of it!