Tuesday, January 4

New Design for an old Mail Item

Hello All,
I have decided that my first project of the new year is to make fold-overs.  Fold-overs are an older stationery item and seemed to have been big in the 60's and 70's (at least most of the ones I inherited are from that era).  They are a fairly simple piece.consisting of a single piece of paper, blank on the inside and decorated on the outside.

trying to demonstrate the tri-fold
I have always liked their efficiency but not the lack of space and too simple design.  I tend to write about 2-3 pages in a basic letter and the ones below fold into about the size of a small envelope.  Although I must say they are rather green in the lack of the extra paper to make an envelope.
Tablets of inherited foldovers for Grandma
So here is my creation.  Consider it a new take on an old theme. 

outside cover

inner white paper to write on

size comparison of the old ones and mine with flaps in the middle

I like my creations, as I can use them for envelopes if need be.  But if you try making your own fold-overs remember that the USPS frowns on straying from the standard sizes of post.  SO I used a standard A6 card for an idea how large to make the new cards.  If you are unsure, take them to the post office and get the correct postage placed on them.  The post office will send almost any shape letter, but the odd balls will cost you!
Also a word about closure.  I closed the envelopes with these Post It labels and really like them, except the lack of colors.  Pretty much fluorescent colors or nothing.  But they work really well and make getting into the foldover easy.

This is my first attempt at the fold-over, but I have decided to name January fold-over month!  I hope you all will celebrate with me and send out some of you own creations.  Well I hope this will inspire you to create your own fold-overs! 
Happy Mailing!

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  1. I purchased my first fold and mailers. I'm waiting for them to come in the mail. They are Gumby themed and I thought my sister would get a kick out of them if I sent her a letter with one. I never thought about making my own though.
    Thanks for the idea.