Saturday, January 8

The United Feathered Friends

Hello all,
Well I was on Amazon again, but I controlled myself this time!   Instead I went on the site to satisfy some of my curiosity.  It seemed that a lot of folks liked the United Feathered Friends cards and I was curious myself about the maker and the design.
A design I wish I owned!
Well I looked more into what Amazon had to offer.  They had several, not cheap, boxed sets of these guys doing a variety of things from Thank You's to Birthday's.  The stationery is made by the Rungtong Co.
They are a stationery maker out of California.  I must say this line is a home run and a must have for any stationery fanatic. 

pics copied from
They do have green cards in the UFF line as well.  I'm hoping to get the company to stop by and make a comment, but we'll see how that goes. 
Until then, I hope this finds you all happily mailing,


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  2. Thanks for writing about our stationery. We've been lucky to get such a loyal following. My wife, Rungtong, also the name of the site - is the designer. United Feathered Friends was originally going to be a children's book and we took some samples to the LA book fair and passed out some cards and people loved them. You can can buy from Amazon or direct at

    Thanks again for the write up.