Friday, January 7

Send Me Something - the P.O. Box is now open!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I finally had time to get a P.O. Box set up.  My good friends at my favorite post office branch in Bethlehem, PA, were there today to get me coordinated and signed in.  I now have a humble sized P.O. Box to start receiving mail from anybody who would like to send some my way!  
A USPS advertiser
The address is: (drum roll, so exciting!)

Becky or TheSnailMailer (whichever preferred, they know its for a blog)
P.O. Box 4635
Bethlehem, PA 18018

This is an experiment and I will make the statement now that I will do my best to respond to those I can, BUT I have no intentions of becoming overwhelmed.  I already have too much stress in my work life and this blog is about my happiest hobby. 
So if you'd like to send something, I'd love to see it!  The early bird is more likely to receive a reward.  In this case, a letter or postcard instead of a juicy worm.
Now for your viewing pleasure, some beautiful stationery I received through postcrossing.  Apparently, people check out my blog before writing and since I am open to any mail, I received this beauty!
The Denmark postcrosser found this in London- LOVE IT!!!
Hope this finds you all happily sending and receiving!


  1. A letter will be in the mail for you next week!

  2. Hurray! We'll send something to warm up your PO Box B as soon as we can! We recieved your letter to Elena at my REAL wall towers today, will open it in time. We're having a lovely evening in making mailart, it's great!

  3. Congratulations my dear!!! (Sorry I am a little behind)

  4. Ok, address is noticed..Now begins for you the pleasure to wait!:)

  5. Is your address still the same? I thought I'd drop something into the Post for you!?

  6. It hasn't changed, I just took it down to try to slow the influx. I try not to turn people away, just know it may take awhile for a response.