Saturday, January 29

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Warning to my male readers, you may experience an estrogen spike by reading further!
There are days when I just feel girly.  I think most of my friends would label me more as a tomboy than girly girl.  Rarely do I wear make-up or spend much time on my hair, but I do enjoy a good skirt and a cute pair of flats every now and again.  But I'd have to say my taste in stationery tends to be . . .girly fun!

I guess the biggest reason is that most of my pen friends are female.  And I just can't resist glitz and glam.  And pink, did I mention pink?!
Had that Parisian Feel
 For the really close friends

And finally

Just a few of many femme fab stationery pieces I own!
Hope this finds you are your fabulous female pen pals sharing some love on ultra girly girl stationery!

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