Tuesday, January 11

Second Week of the 52 Week Challenge

Hello all,
For those who are really into mail, I know you are going strong and are well into the double digits on letters written, but for those who need a little push, here is my second fold-over design.  I decided to spin the challenge and not only make a stationery item to send each week, but also to send to a different person each week. I figured that would make it more interesting and challenging for me.

fully open

the big fold

Notice there are 2 flaps.  That was so this could double as an envelope without allowing the thing I was sending to fall out.
I decided to make this design the same size as a standard envelope.  Scrapbooking paper comes in many beautiful designs and allows flexibility in creativity.

Last weeks fold-over went to Elena at the Real Wall (see blog list for both). She also has her own blog that shows her talent of quilling.  Quilling is the twisting of paper strips and gluing them to paper to make beautiful designs.

copied with Elena's permission
A second.
lotus on a koi pond (koi pond by Andy at Mail Art 365)
Hopefully this inspires you to try your hand at papercraft or just send something! People will be happy to receive even your experiments.  I know from personal experience!
Happy Mailing,


  1. Heather was the recipient of this one.

  2. I received your fold-over envelope-letter last week. It's really nice, thanks.

  3. Thanks for the feature and the blog list.