Wednesday, January 12

Mon Amie Paris

Oh my French obsession! It continues on and on!  For those who follow my blog, you know I have a few. . . well issues.  Like my compulsion to buy stationery with a French theme. No I have never been to Paris or France, but I want to.  Right now, finances have me limited to purchasing stationery.
OOO Sparkly

A whole set!
 Although I do have tentative plans to go with a friend of mine once she turns 30yrs. I figure that trip will make it a birthday to remember.

gorgeous black and white vintage inspired cards
My obsession doesn't end at stationery but also forays into movies with My Life in Rose, Amelie, and The Brotherhood of the Wolves being in my current top picks.

Honor of the fashion capitols of the world.  They feel soft too.
 I hope this makes you smile, and say oo-la-la!
Keep mailing the love!


  1. Barnes and Nobles has a few Paris themed stationery items. Some really nice note cards and writing paper.

  2. Yes, you make me smile , because I'm french!Do you love only Paris stationnery, or from other parts of France?..(I came here thanks to my dear friend Postmuse.I'm glad she showed the way to your blog..)

  3. I am currently unaware of the other French staioneries available. Do tell!!!
    I'm very happy to have you here!