Friday, January 14

Blast from the Past

Hello all,
I have a special treat for your viewing pleasure.  I was sorting through the stationery when I decided to name this month fold-over (or fold and send) January.  When I did, I found several lovely vintage pieces of stationery.

Found in a discount Hallmark store in Indiana.  They were 50% off their original price.  The moving cards set me back 25 cents.


Found at the local Goodwill since moving.
I love the designs on these, and I think having a variety of materials makes letter writing more fun and interesting.  I know my contacts like to see what I will be sending. 
Never know, if you write and ask, maybe I'll send you a piece of stationery history!
Happy mailing my friends!


  1. Love the vintage stationary -- very fun.

  2. Step away from the stationery! I love the last one!