Sunday, January 16

Inspiration for the faux creative

I must say (again) that I have limited artistic talent.  I have my good idea every now and again, but not naturally artistic.  Being a novice quilter, I do understand the importance of having objects or books at hand that allow you to draw some inspiration.  Especially if you are not naturally artistic.  So my faux creative tip for January is to invest in some inspiration!
I found this super cheap stencil book with a variety of ideas and patterns in it.

Using stencils to add interest to an envelope
Magazine ads are great.  They can be used for collages.
simple collaged postcard from magazine parts
 I also like to look at art books.

I like the color techniques, though I haven't figured out how to incorporate my paints in to the letters.

art class: an envelope from NGS magazine
Anybody have other sources they would like to share?

I think the important thing is to add personal touches you feel comfortable with.  If stickers are your medium, stick to it!  If pen and ink are your strong points, draw from them!  And if random is your method, scatter the thoughts!  But I challenge you to try something different and make your letter reflect some of your personality!
Keep inking it up,

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  1. I love stencil books B, endless fun! What I've found is that when I start adding patterns to a page I am nervous, and when I add more I initially think it will look bad, but if you keep at it you'll find that the more you add the better it gets. Sort of. Well it works for me.